Hindi Tv Serial Mahayagya

Produced by Silver Circle Film Company, the TV series Mahayagya was launched on 5th July 1998 on Zee TV in India. With a strong cast like Raza Murad, Kunickaa Sadanand Lall, Asha Sharma and many others it attracted the attention of all traditional families that watched it. With only one season and 104 episodes the director Shatrughan Goswami made this series to capture the political families, the dispute between two families, strong characterization and power packed performances from top television. The main action is set into a small central Indian town and the family Vimla Pandey won the election for Parliament of India and defeated the rival family of Thakur Bihanu Pratap Singh who is a veteran. During the movie they want to settle up the old problems and the start to make problems to each other’s hoping that will take the power and the control of the city. All the characters from the series stays connected with these two influences and powerful rival politicians and creates a series of feelings and emotions.