Hindi Tv Serial Koi To Ho Ardhnarishwar

Koi To Ho Ardhnarishwar Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Koi to Ho Ardhnarishwar is a Hindi daily soap of Indian origin. The show is made in the drama genre. The show has been adapted from a novel which was written by Dr. Vishnu Prabhakar. The novel is inspired by a real-life personality Kiran Bedi. She is the first IPS officer in Indian history and has been a role model for many young girls and other students. Her life has always been an inspiration for others. Filmmakers are too inspired by her life and many documentaries, tv shows, films are made on her life. The show is another addition to that list. It is based on her life and the struggles she faces through her early stages of life. It also depicts the role which she had to play after becoming the IPS officer and the problems she faced while carrying out her duty honestly.

The show was originally aired in the year 2010. It was broadcasted on the largest viewed channel of the country Doordarshan. Jaya Bhattacharya has been signed to play the tough and challenging role of Kiran Bedi in the show. The producers do not want to leave any loose ends on the show and has done everything possible to keep it precise and accurate. Siddhartha Nagar has directed this series. A very interesting fact that has been associated with him is that he is the son of famous dialogue writer, Dr. Achla Nagar. It is very important and notable fact about him that he has already directed more than sixty films in his career. He still believes that his best work will be showcased at this show, and people are going to appreciate and like the show to the core.

The show has a huge brand name behind it and is being produced by Meena Paliwal under her home production house Paliwal Pictures. It also features many other actors in other lead roles and supporting roles including Amrapali, Farida Didi, Raju Kher, and Amita Nangia. Bhupendra has directed the musical notes for the show and has scored the background music and original soundtracks for the show. The show is based on a literature work and hence is very interesting and classical. The work done behind it to transform a literature into an entertaining daily soap is worth applauding and praising. The show is broadcasted on weekdays and is kept unanimously separated from the other daily soaps due to its uniqueness and originality.