Hindi Tv Serial Kaal Bhairav Rahasya

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

This is of the genre thriller and is aired on Star Bharat. The first episode was aired on 30th October 2017, and the last one on 30th April 2018. The show is entirely shot in Bhopal, and the lead stars are Sargun Kaur, Rahul Sharma, and Chhavi Pandey. This was the first season and the 2nd season was premiered on 20th November 2018 named Kaal Bhairav Naya Rahasya.

The story is from a Tamil novel named Marmadesam. The story revolves around Siddhupur’s Kaalbhairav temple where people are afraid to go inside, and one reporter did what was said not to be done, he went inside, and never returned. To find him, a police inspector took in charge but he too never returned. His daughters are now all grown up, and one of them is in love with Veer, the heir of the existing Royal Family.

The royal family carries a curse with it that its heir will die before turning 30. Archana ( Veer’s love interest) tries to get to the root cause of this curse as Veer is next. The story is about how she saves his life.