Hindi Tv Serial Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar

Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar is nor the typical comedy show and neither a serious family drama. This is the only show that doesn't suggest it’s genre by its name, although it has all the ingredients of a watchable show like Comedy, Fantasy and Romance but it is a cooking show. Our two main characters Adithya and Suhani Khanna newly married couple and love cooking, So they decided that after a hectic day in office cooking new dishes is not just fun. In fact they spend more and more time together. They make lots of new dishes for each other to impress and to show their love. Whenever they meet someone they curiously asked him or her about his favorite dish and then they made that dish and enjoy the unique flavor. They also taught viewers to how to cook the dish with their unique and lovable style.

Once Suhani was late from office and Adithya lost house keys, so when Adithya waited outside of the house he met an old Gujarati woman, he didn't waste the opportunity and learnt how to cook some Gujarati dishes. One day a traffic officer came to arrest Suhani in the charge of rash driving and they impress him with their delicious dishes. Arjun Bijlani as Aditya was exceptional in his role and Shweta Gulati as Suhaani complimented him very brilliantly. The purpose behind the show is to teach different types of dishes of India to the viewers and when they made those dishes they also enjoy the flavor of India.