Hindi Tv Serial Firangi Bahu

Firangi Bahu Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Firangi Bahu as the name says is about a foreigner becoming daughter-in-law in an Indian family. The plot revolves around the issues faced by an outsider in the Indian family. Foreigners have always liked Indian culture, colours and festivals but then marrying an Indian and settling back in India is a tough choice. Even Indians are quite fond of the western music, food and lifestyle, but then accepting a foreigner daughter-in-law is not seen often. This new concept was broadcasted through Firangi Bahu.

The serial was broadcasted in Sahara One from November 11, 2013 till March 28, 2014. The story is full on drama, especially between the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. Camili is a foreigner who falls in love with Pranay when they were in London. The story, however, takes a turn when Camili has to come to India and live with Desai family. The daughter-in-law has to see a lot of family drama, culture, family rejection and adaptation to new culture.

Camili’s sister-in-law always tried to create some or the other problem in Camili’s life, either by calling her thief or planning some kind of trick for her, so that she falls for the trick and is belittled in front of every other person of the family. The serial shows a lot of cowardliness of Desai family and their constant efforts to break the marriage of Camili and Pranay. They even perform black magic on Camili and when even that does not work, then the family members put blame on Camili for performing black magic in the house. There was a great twist in the story when Camili was travelling somewhere in a bus, and that bus met an accident. All the passengers of the bus died and this news was received as a happy note by the Desai family. They even plan another marriage of Pranay with an Indian girl.

The story, however, changes when they come to know that Camili is alive and finally everybody realise that she had become an eternal part of the family and she was needed in the family.

Sippora Zoutewelle As Camili is from Dutch and has entered Indian show biz through TV serial. She says that there is a very wrong image of foreigners among Indians, which needs a change. She is learning Hindi dialect to improve upon dialogue delivery. We will see more from Sippora Zoutewelle in future.