Pranoti Pradhan Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 22-04

Pranoti Pradhan is an emerging star in the field of drama of Indian Television. Presently, she is appearing in a Gujarati drama, where she is playing the lead role in TamneMalineAnandTheyo. Basically, it is a family drama and is based on the subject of comedy. Pranoti Pradhan is playing the role of a young girl in this drama. Her name is Jhanvi and is known by the nickname of Janu in drama. There are different aspects of this role, and therefore, a great deal of versatility is seen in her role. In the single drama, she is playing the role of a sister and at the same time, a daughter and a lover as well.

So, we can say that the acting skills and versatility of Pranoti Pradhan are openly displayed in this role of the drama. It is due to this very reason that her role is being applauded by the audience and fans to a great extent. She began her acting career in her childhood, from theater. After that, she played a role in drama when she was in college. Her native language is Marathi, but she has a strong desire to work in theater, that is why she also learned Gujarati.