Hindi Tv Serial Feriha Season 2

Feriha Season 2 Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Feriha belonged to the romance genre. It was a Turkish drama. Sırma Yanık and Melis Civelek were the writers of the show. BarışYös directed it. It was produced by Fatih Aksoy under the banner Med Yapım. CemTuncer and Nail Yurtsever were the theme music composers of the show. It started from 10 November and had 43 episodes. It became popular in Russia and Bulgaria and off course India. The reason of which was its powerful and unique story along with natural acting by all actors.

The cast included Hazal Kaya aka FerihaYılmaz Sarrafoğlu, VahideGördüm aka ZehraYılmaz, DenizUgur aka Sanemİlhanlı, ÇağatayUlusoy aka Emir Sarrafoğlu, CeydaAteş aka HandeGezgin, and MetinÇekmez aka Rıza Yılmaz. Other cast included Yusuf Akgün, MelihSelçuk, Ufuk Tan Altunkaya, SedefŞahin, FeyzaCivelek, ErayÖzbay, Murat Onuk, BarışKılıç, NeşemAkhan, EbruUnurtan, CigdemIrtem, KaanOlcay, Ahu Sungur, GülşahFırıncıoğlu, TürküTuran, PelinErmis, TugbaMelisTürk, CihanOkan, Esin Eden, ÖzhanCarda, YağmurTanrısevsin, Leyla Erdoğan, Harun Akyüz, AyşegülUyguner, EmreKoç, SimgeDefne, Sarp Can Köroğlu, NurinisaYıldırım, BirgülUlusoy, and BuketAkşitoglu.

It is a story of Feriha, daughter of a door-keeper, who is young, talented, attractive, ambitious, and beautiful. In university, Emir, a playboy, falls in love with her at first sight. The first season ended with Zehra, Feriha's mother, getting shot. It is Feriha's ex-fiancé, Halil, who had shot her. In the second season, Emir learns about all lies of Feriha as planned by Cansu. After which, he breaks up with her and wishes to take revenge. So, he rents an apartment in a building where in basement Feriha lives.

They are separated for a long time, but they still love each other only. Feriha is kidnapped by Halil on New Year's Eve as he wants to marry her by his force but she is saved by Emir. After the incident, they both realize their true love and thus get reunited after forgiving each other. When Feriha's family learn about their relation, they are furious and thus send her to the village, but on the way, Emir takes her along with him where they get married. They decide to keep their marriage a secret until the right time.

However, the secret is revealed when they are hospitalized after the murder attempt on both by Cansu which makes both families shocked and furious about their marriage. Due to their parents' disappointment, they have to face a hard life which gets harder by the entry of Yabuz, Ece, and Rüya. Later, Feriha divorces Emir, after going to the US with Levent, due to some misunderstandings. After three years, she comes back to Istanbul but when Emir and Ece's engagement is taking place which Emir is doing just to protect Ece from Yavuz.

Soon, all misunderstandings are removed; Emir and Feriha decide to marry the second time. The season’s ending shows Feriha getting shot by Halil on her wedding day. There is a very heart touching scene in the end where they both are looking in the eyes of each other for last time while continuously crying and then say, “ we're at the place where everything started, I love you very much” to each other. After which, Feriha dies in his arms, dropping their marriage certificate.