Hindi Tv Serial Ek Shaam Ki Mulakaat

Ek Shaam Ki Mulakaat Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Ek Shaam Ki Mulaquat was part of a series called ‘Star Bestsellers’. The series focused on various acclaimed short stories and brought them to life on the small screen. It aired on Star Plus in India between the year1999-2000. Ek Shaam Ki Mulaquat had Irrfan Khan, Tisca Chopra in title roles. It was directed by Tigmanshu Dhuliya, who is a widely popular director and an actor himself. The plot is based on Gujarati story by Chandrakant Bakshi. The crux of the plot is how the society is quick to judge the women and how often they are not what we make them out to be. The story follows a young married couple on a quest to find a home and start a family.

The husband is a shopkeeper while his wife is a stay-at-homelady. They go to various places but ultimately settle on a small apartment inside a medieval house. An interesting part of the story is the house broker, who is a very aggressive. He is rather quick to judge the wife and often dismisses her opinion which creates quite a conflict for Irrfan’s character to solve. The landlord of the house is awonderful lady who quickly develops a bond with Sarla, played by Tisca Chopra. As the story progresses, Sarla finds the home quite comforting and appreciates the landlord who is helpful. The landlord is a remarried woman.

When Sarla’s husband, played by Irrfan finds out, he is quite judgmental of her and asks her wife to limit her contact with her. On questioning, he questions the landlord’s character instead. Sarla is quite angry with him and refers to her generosity. Her husband dismisses it as her ploy to take advantage of them. Sarla then leaves the town for a few days leaving her husband with the landlord lady. During this, Sarla’s husband then interacts with the lady and suddenly develops affection towards her. One afternoon, he leaves the shop citing illness and invites the lady to his house.

He has a prejudice about the landlord that she has questionable character and no morals and will be ready to form a relationship with him. To his surprise, she rejects her advances and instead informs him that his wife might be having an affair. The show brilliantly highlights the prejudices we create for people, especially women. Irrfan interacts with two women – his wife, who he assumes to be a dutiful wife and his landlord, who given her history, he judges her to be a manipulative woman. In reality, it’s the exact opposite and his wife is one who’s unfaithful to him.