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Akela Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

People think that this world is scary. They want to escape all the complicated schedules and unnecessary mishappenings. But they don’t know there are few people out there dealing with the more bizarre situation. Akela is an Indian television thriller series directed by the makers of CID-Glenn and . It’s about an ex-police officer Ranvir who has to deal with two worlds- one alive and one dead. The show aired in 2006 by SONY television starring Sudhanshu Pandey Sudhanshu Pandey was born on 22nd August 1974 in L >> Read More... as Ranvir and Aashka Goradia Aashka Goradia is a known face to viewers who watc >> Read More... as Kinnari. The show revolves around Ranvir. He was in the coma for eight years.

When he recovered, he gradually realized that he is experiencing some strange encounters. From the day he woke up, he could see dead people too. Usually, dead people would come to him to seek help. Ranvir makes it a motive for himself that he would help dead beings in every possible way to free their souls. Some peculiar situation would occur when some don’t accept that they are dead. Though he uses his detective skills to tackle a case, he also uses his super powers about which other officers are unaware. He has an army of ordinary people, but he also has an army of dead people. They expand their forces to the different corners of the cities to help Ranvir. He has the best of both worlds. Sometimes dead people would come to Ranvir with their pending cases and ask them to find their culprit.

This show is also about relationship twist and turns. He tries to fit all the scattered pieces of the puzzle into one once again. Eight years back he was engaged to Kinnari. But later he discovers that she’s a married woman now. She married Dr.Rohit.There are always some strings attached to your past. Kinnari was trying to bring that love back in Ranvir’s life, but he realizes that it’s to move to complete his mission. Rohit started to have some trust issues regarding Kinnari and Ranvir. He thinks that both of them are cooking something behind everybody’s back.

But Ranvir is well off to focus on the goal of his life. He along with his partner Savio wants to help the world of dead people to make their souls rest in peace. He has no time to complicate already settled relationships. He is on the track with Savio to bridge the gap between the two different worlds. This adventurous series was a total hit by their viewer whose respected producers were Mr.B.P.Singh and Mr. Pradeep Uppoor Pradeep Uppoor is a film producer. With the help o >> Read More...