English Tv Show You Have Been Warned

You Have Been Warned Tamil TV SHOWS on Discovery Tamil

It is a Science based program that airs on The Discovery Channel. It is also known as”Outrageous Acts of Science” in The US and Canada. It features a top 20 countdown of Internet Videos in every episode. Videos of Scientific experiments and crazy stunts, all homemade or done by professionals are showed in the countdown. They analyse each video and explain the science of what exactly happens in it. It features acts of extreme stupidity performed by people and often ends with them failing miserably and hurting themselves and also the people around them.

The show often starts warnings of “Don’t Try This At Home” as imitating this might endanger the viewers. Each episode is in a particular science theme and features videos sent by people. These videos can be the craftiest, hilarious, and daring and sometimes down-right bizarre. They are shown again in slow motion and explained meticulously. They also re-create the same scenarios and see if it can be executed with a few aspect changes. If it fails, then it shows the reason for its failure and shows the right way to do it.

Almost every single thing that happens in this world can be explained with the help of science. Everything, some as little as the reproduction in an amoeba to the big bang and the working principles of stars can be explained using scientific laws and principles. Something might seem to defy these laws of science. But when the same things are seen again and again and are broken down then there can be a proper scientific explanation for how it happens. Science and Engineering experts do this breakdown with the help of Modern technology.

The show is narrated by Gareth Cornick and is produced by October Films UK. The show is mainly for those with a scientific thirst for knowledge and those who want to get into the domain of science. It is also for the general public as it helps them to have a basic idea about these principles and shows them what to do and what not to. It can also inspire little kids as it shows the practical applications of Science. This show might help them understand better and maybe even develop a scientific aptitude This might assist the human race in the long run as today’s kids grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders.