English Tv Show Lost Season 2

Somewhere on an island in the Pacific Ocean, a jet that was supposed to carry people from Sydney to Los Angeles dramatically crashes. Lost is an American TV series all about the wreck and the consequences. Season 2 has 24 episodes which is essentially about the repercussions of this accident. The story reflects elements of cutting-edge scientific fiction entwined paradoxically with the element of supernatural. It predominantly shows the rift between science and belief. The natives of the island are intriguingly referred to as “The Others” in season 1. They appear in the season 2 as well who attack the survivors. The highlighting feature of this season is undeniably the hatch and the computer. Jack Shephard ( Matthew Fox), Kate Austen ( Evangeline Lilly), and John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) begin exploring the hatch, but the story takes a huge twist when this hatch is actually revealed to be a Swan Station built by DHARMA initiative. With the introduction of the character, Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick), we learn that there is a button that needs to be pressed every 108 times otherwise it would cause the doom. Initially, the characters look apprehensive whether or not to believe this but later they discover that pressing this button would stop the release of electromagnetic activity that can cause devastating catastrophe leading to the doom.

Another prominent introduction in this season is definitely the tail section survivors. The tail section survivors had to encounter a terrible 48-day span and ultimately only a few of them survives. Ana-Lucia, one of the tail section survivors, initially is hostile but her character slowly blends into the theme but is later shockingly killed by Michael. This season shows the flashbacks of the survivors, the dynamic interconnections between them and what lead to their boarding of the fateful flight. The “Long Con” plotted by Sawyer ( Josh Holloway) cannot be missed while talking about this season. He takes control over the entire scenario with his tactics. This episode reinforces the fact that he was a con man. Michael’s betrayal and his meeting with his son is quite a spin in the story. The season ends with the revelation that the plane crash had actually happened on that day when Desmond forgot to enter the code. Michael’s son Jack ends up destroying the computer that leads to the trembling of the entire island that is covered by a strange white light. A group of men witness the occurrence of the anomaly in the research station. They then decide to tell this information to Penelope - Desmond’s fiancée.