English Tv Show America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model English TV SHOWS on Vh1 India

America’s Next Top Model is one of the most long-lasting and famous shows with over twenty-four seasons. It a fashion show in which ten girls compete against one another to make a place in the modeling industry. Friends end up becoming foes after this show’s real competition begins. A series of challenges are set up for all the participants. From the way the model catwalks to the way they talk to the judges, everything is noted. Models end up in hospitals and the spotlight shows the real faces of all the models. They have a real magazine photoshoot even before winning. This show takes place in New York, where the models live together in a condo. Finalists are then flown to Los Angeles to introduce them to the main judge and handler of every aspect of this show.

One by one the models are eliminated on the basis of their performances. Guest judges are called to make decisions. Some girls break down when asked some personal questions. Photoshoots are taken as a kind of test which the judges further grade the models on. Models come to show as one person and leave as another person entirely. The journey of these models from the audition to all the quarrels they have with fellow contestants are shown in this show.

The winner is provided with a management contract and wins the title of America’s Top Model. Modeling has two faces, like the two faces of the coin. It also has an ugly side full of people who are waiting to take advantage of these young unsuspecting models. They have to travel overseas as a part of this show and meet different competitions there. They learn about different countries and their heritages and learn to respect different cultures. The audience gets entertained as well as get full opportunity to participate in choosing the winner. They get to choose names for different contestants and also vote for their favorite model. The models also get a crash course for acting from Hollywood actors and are taught how to be good hosts. This show prepares the models to rule the entertainment industry.       

After the show ends, the model who wins is signed up by various products for their endorsement and advertisement. This show is the safest platform for aspiring models.