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16 and Pregnant is an American Reality TV Show. It premiered on 11th June 2009 on MTV Channel. 16 and Pregnant is a Show based on teenage pregnant girls and their journey. Every episode of the Show 16 and pregnant shows a new story of a teenage pregnant girl and the story of her pregnancy.

The episode starts with a teenage girl who is 4-5 months pregnant and terminates showing her journey till the baby is a few months old. This Show is in a documentary format. The Show 16 and pregnant initiated three spin-off Shows as well. These Shows are the Teen Mom, Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 3. Teen Mom depicts the lives of four girls who appeared on 16 and pregnant as they walk through the first few years of their motherhood. The fifth season on 16 and Pregnant aired on 14th April 2014. The last season (sixth) of 16 and Pregnant premiered on 12th January 2015. The Show received a huge amount of appreciation from viewers and critics.

The New York Times supported the idea of the Show and motivated this kind of documentary style Shows about teenage pregnant girls. These are common teenage girls who haven't scored a perfect 99 percentile in the SATs but know the hardships of life and the pain of single mothering. Some people and critics thought that the Show is made to glamorize teenage pregnancy. But the central focus of the Show 16 and Pregnant is to bring attention the importance of safe sex and the consequences one has to face after something like this happens.

The NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) perfromed a study on the impact of this Show. They observed a decrease of 5.7% in teenage pregnancy in 18 months after the premiere of the Show. Even though it is not sure if this downfall is only because of the premiere of the Show 16 and Pregnant or economic decline. In the year 2016, New York Times did a study. They found that 50 Television Show with most likes on Facebook and other Social Media platforms, included Teen Moms and 16 and pregnant. These Shows were quite renowned in the rural areas of the country as well.

16 and Pregnant give the audience a straight chance to go through a journey with a teenage girl and the bumpy terrain of rebellion, pains, coming out of age, and dealing with being pregnant. Each episode has its own story depicting the challenges pregnant teens face. From gossips, rumors, and graduating high school to adoption, finances, marriage, and the struggle of getting a job. Due to teenage pregnancy, these young girls have to give up their childhood and sacrifice everything that a kid does. No matter how much stress these girls have in their life, they never give up. They work upon themselves and are dedicated to doing everything that is right for the baby.