English Tv Serial Being Human

Being Human English TV SERIALS on BBC

The show ended in the year 2013 and still has the capability to create a buzz among the audience. It is a British science-drama fiction with an element of super-natural characters. The concept in itself sounds so amazing, no wonder it gathered a big fan base. The programme revolves around ghosts, ware-wolf, vampire and humans, quite contrary to its name. The show became so popular when it came to the televisions in U.K, that artists around the globe went crazy about it. North-America came up with their own show with the same title and same concept, but a little twist here and there. Another show, called ‘Becoming Human’ which is another spin-off of the show.

The show also has three spin-off books called ‘the road’, ‘chasers’ and ‘bad blood’ on the same concept, released on February 13, 2010. The main characters of the programme are called ANNIE (the ghost), MITCHELL (the vampire) and GEORGE (the ware-wolf). The show revolves around these three characters and their constant efforts to live in the human world in a normal human’s way and portrays their struggles in order to maintain their disguise. Unlike the normal beliefs, the ware-wolf and the vampire are shown as best friends and helping each other to live a human life. They work in a hospital together and further rent an apartment which is already in possession of a ghost, Annie who died due to falling from the stairs. All the three characters are in their mid-twenties. Annie is visible to the other two super-natural species, and thus, together form a dysfunctional family.

The show gives a detailed description on how Mitchell struggles to keep himself away from the human blood. His need for blood has been compared to the addiction that a drug addict has. George, the ware-wolf is seen struggling from the transformation he has on the full-moon and fears the urge to kill and harm his friends and other humans during that time. He constantly describes his unwanted transformation as “curse”, and somehow wants to live like a normal human. Annie, initially used to live in the apartment which is rented by the guys, with her fiancé Owen. But after her accident of her death, she still an occupant in the house. The show focuses on her struggles to understand that she has become a ghost and that Owen can no longer see or touch her. The show has five seasons of thrill, action and adventure. It is a highly recommended show for anyone who is interested in drama.