English Awards MTv Music Video Awards 2009

Mtv Music Video Awards 2009 English tv-shows on M TV
Event:                        2009 MTV Video Music Awards
Host:                         Russell Brand
Venue:                        Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York
Network Telecast:       MTV and VH1
Date:                         September 13, 2009
MTv Music Video Awards 2009 - Anything can happen, it is true! As he was loved by his distinct British accent and complemented by his candid hosting it last year, he made it again. An enormous entrance was set for comedian Russell Brand complemented by the version of Katy Perry remake “We Will Rock You!” For the second time in a row, Russell handled the said event with grace and another jolly good show like what other people say. 
The event paid tribute to Michael Jackson and Madonna made an inspiring speech by saying “long live the king!” This was followed by his sister Janet Jackson dance showdown with mixes of “Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal and Scream.” The event turned in to totally concert behavior of hall viewers as Lady Gaga performed “Poker Face and Paparazzi,” and Beyonce made also great performance for her hit singles “Sweet Dreams and Single Ladies.” This event is total all in one concert of the hottest, newest, biggest and top chart gainers.
Beyonce bagged the Video of the Year Award, Best Choreography and Best Editing for her chart hit as she shouts “Single Ladies” showing off her great booty dance with hills the few of them can do. T.I. claimed Best Male Video for his hit single creative rendition of rap, oldies and pop in “Live Your Life” as he narrates the struggles and adventures of our life how to rise from fall and get our lives back. Taylor Swift won for the first time Best Female Video award for “You Belong with Me”, a she tell tales her story  of an outcast girl that is always been there for his off spoken love in front of her room. This so far became one of the most viral and critically reviewed acceptance speeches. While Swift delivering her speech, Kanye West unprecedented took the microphone from Swift and shouting that Beyonce do have the best music video of all time. The camera was continuously switched back and forth to the prime title holders and West while being booed by people inside the hall.  For the time that Beyonce received her award, instead of giving her acceptance speech, she showcased how blessed she was when she first received award when she was 17 years old and called for Swift and asks her let finish what she had started.
Lady Gaga received the awards for Best New Artist, Best Special Effects and Best Art Direction in her single “Poker Face”, as she exploits herself like a cult like techno combination music video. The Best Pop Video goes to ever loved Britney Spears for the song “Womanizer”, and 21 Guns grasp the awards for Best Rock Video, Best Direction, and Best Cinematography of the year, their music videos shows that love is worth fighting for. Eminem never failed and secured the award for Best Hip Hop Video for his hit “We Made You” as he made a genius encore shout out for fans to be the real heroes of famous stars. Along with this were Matt & Kim for Breakthrough Video with their hit “Lessons Learned.” Bestie Boys brought home Best Video Award for “Sabotage”, and the award Best Performance in a Pepsi Rock Band Video went to Nerds in Disguise for their single “My Own Worst Enemy.”