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Sabotage Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Sabotage is an action/thriller crime movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of elite Special Ops agents. David Iyer, the director of the film, has narrated a violent and brutal story with a ton of action and explosion sequences. The premise of the story ties in with its title. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his DEA squad bust a drug cartel but one of the members steal 10 million from the bundle. The cartel in retaliation start to kill off each one unless they find the money and put an end to the killing. What follows is a quest to hunt down the responsible agent and to stop the cartel.

The trailer is a just a collection of massive explosions, large guns, and gory deaths. The trailer showcases some of the movie’s key selling points, including, creative camera angles and an engaging storyline. Involving prominent actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger as the team leader, Sam Worthington, from the Avatar movie, as one of the team members brings the film a solid fan base. The trailer incorporates some of the funny one-liners with the action-packed drama to give a balanced story.

The viewer reviews are contradictory. Some of Arnold’s die-hard fans like the new vulnerable role played by him whereas others feel his acting is robotic. The other actors have offered their best efforts but is lacking in depth. Despite the negative reviews, the movie promises to be an engrossing experience.