Bengali Tv Serial Tumi Je Amar

Tumi Je Amar Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla

Tumi Je Amar is a Bengali drama serial telecast on Zee Bangla channel in 2020. Being the Bengali dubbed version of the original Marathi serial 'Tula Pahate Re', this serial focuses on the life and relationship of Isha and Vikram Saranjame.

Isha is a young woman belonging to a small middle-class family, born and brought up in Mumbai by her parents Pushpa and Arun. On the other hand, Vikram is rich and wealthy, middle-aged and widowed businessman. Somehow, they end up meeting each other and soon Vikram falls in love with Isha. They start to spend time together and after a few months, Isha falls in love as well.

Regardless of the age difference, Vikram convinces Isha to get married to him, however, after the marriage things start going downhill. Isha finds out that Vikram's former wife was given the deed of the property leaving Vikram with nothing. Vikram had the intention of convincing everyone that Isha was the reincarnation of his former wife so that they may sign the deed with her name on it. It is soon revealed that Vikram is the real criminal who murdered his former wife for the property and Isha is truly the reincarnated form of his dead wife. How Isha deals with the situation constitutes the rest of the serial.