Bengali Tv Serial Aye Khuku Aye

Aye Khuku Aye Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

Aye Khuku Aye is an emotional drama on the Sun Bangla channel. It premiered in 2019 and aired Monday to Sunday at 9 pm. The show is available to stream on the YouTube channel managed by Sun Bangla. Sun Bangla is a sister channel managed by the Sun Network Group based in Chennai. Popular TV couple Rahul Arunodoy Banerjee and Sandipta Sen played the lead roles in the show. Aye Khuku Aye narrates the story of Rani and Abir. Rani is the daughter-in-law of a powerful family. They desperately wish for a grandson to continue their lineage. However, Rani gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. The furious in-laws blackmail Rani to abandon the baby. Rani follows suit as she is unable to protect herself or her baby. Meanwhile, Abir is a man who suffers from autism.

He comes across the baby girl and adopts her. Years later, Rani and Abir cross paths, and she gets acquainted with her child. This story is a picture of the beautiful bond between a father and his daughter. It paints the utter helplessness of a mother. The story highlights society’s negative mentality harboured towards the birth of a girl child. It also portrays people’s harsh outlook against disabled people. Rahul Banerjee was much appreciated for his autistic role.