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Vallinam Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Vallinam is a Tamil sports drama directed by Arivazhagan. The film centers around college life and the adversities faced by the students. It is essentially a movie on how the rivalry between two students on the opposing team forces one to face his fears and win the tournament.

The trailer is a promo video for the song ‘Maaman Machaan.’ The music has an uplifting tune with a consistent beat. The guitar riffs in the middle, and the claps and beats of the drums give it a rock music feel mixed in with some of the folk music beats. The college background adds to the youth and vitality of the song and boosts it to the level of a feel-good anthem.

The music is all about the life of college students and portrayal of the lyrics is whimsical and playful with emphasis on the friendship between the main leads. The dance routines are entertaining and in rhythm with the tune. The video mixes in black and white scenes in the start and as the song picks up speed and moves into the second verse it is vibrant and lively. Silambarasan was the composer for the soundtrack for the ‘Maaman Machaan’ music and all the other songs in the movie. Three artists collaborated in the ‘Maaman Machaan’ song including Silambarasan, followed by S. Thaman, and Mukesh.