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Narappa is the Telugu remake of the hit Tamil film, Asuran, featuring Dhanush in the titular role. Narappa is directed by Srikanth Addala, featuring Venkate

Naarappa Movie Review

Naarappa Telugu Movie Review
Written by Harshi Chuttani
Review for the film " Naarappa aka Narappa"
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video
Runtime: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Certificate: TBD
Released: 20-07-2021
Genre: Action
3.5 / 5.0

Narappa is the Telugu remake of the hit Tamil film, “Asuran,” featuring “ Dhanush This lanky superstar Dhanush is an actor from Tami >> Read More... Dhanush ” in the titular role. Narappa is directed by Srikanth Addala Srikanth Addala is a popular film director, who is >> Read More... Srikanth Addala , featuring Venkatesh Daggubati One of the most talented face in Telugu film indus >> Read More... Venkatesh Daggubati in the lead role. The script is by “ Vetrimaaran Vetrimaaran is an Indian director and screenwriter >> Read More... Vetrimaaran .” “,” Karthik Rathnam Karthik Rathnam is an actor predominantly working >> Read More... Karthik Rathnam , Rao Ramesh, “Nassar,” Rajeev Kanakala, Rakhi, “ Jhansi Jhansi is a drama series which airs on the Gemini >> Read More... Jhansi ,” “ Vasishta N Simha Vasishta N. Simha is a famous Indian movie actor, >> Read More... Vasishta N Simha ,” Ammu Abhirami Ammu Abhirami is an Indian actress who has been a >> Read More... Ammu Abhirami , Aadukalam Naren Aadukalam Naren was born in Chennai the heartland >> Read More... Aadukalam Naren , Rakesh Velivela, Rajsekhar Aningi, Ramaraju, Prabhakar and “ Brahmaji Brahmaji is a popular Indian movie actor mostly kn >> Read More... Brahmaji ” are cast in the main roles. “ Shyam K Naidu Shyam. K. Naidu is an Indian cinematographer who h >> Read More... Shyam K Naidu ” cranked the camera and editing is by “ Marthand K Venkatesh Marthand K Venkatesh is a well known professional >> Read More... Marthand K Venkatesh .” Mani Sharma Mani Sharma is a famous music Director in Tamil an >> Read More... Mani Sharma composed the music. Suresh Productions and V Creations produced the film.


Narappa is a farmer in Ananthapur, leading a normal life with his family. He has two sons and a daughter. Pandusamy is the village head, who plans to grab Narappa’s land for a cement factory. Munikanna, the elder son of Narappa, gets angry and fights against Pandusamy. Munikanna’s anger and Narappa’s silence brought a huge loss to their family. Sinnappa, the younger son of Narappa, couldn’t bear all these and decides to deal with the issue violently. What will Narappa do? Will he solve the issue in a non-violent way or takes the armor in his hand? The rest of the story deals with it.

Star Performance

Venkatesh has done a wonderful job. He played the role comfortably. During the emotional fight scenes, Venkatesh excels. Karthik, Naren, Priyamani, and the rest of the cast had done their best.


Although it is truthful to the Tamil film, the director has changed a few things to suit the Telugu sensibilities. The screenplay moves at a brisk pace after an emotional scene. The stars did their part excellently well. But, some stars, including Nassar and Rajeev, didn’t fit in the characters. Similarly, Ammu Abhirami did her best. But, she looked odd with Venkatesh. The cinematography, BGM, and songs are good. The production design is neat too.

What’s There?

  • The screenplay and dialogues are good
  • The performances of the stars are appreciable
  • The film is technically sound

What’s Not There?

  • Except for a few stars, the rest fit well in the characters


Narappa didn’t contest with the original, but it is a justified remake. Venkatesh appears in a different role. During the movie announcement, many doubted if he fit the role. But, Venkatesh proved that he is a versatile actor with his excellent performance.