Well, Balayya is one movie short of century…his 99th movie Dictator has finally released, after raising the bars high. Let s see how it turns out to be.  Pl

Dictator Movie Review

Dictator Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
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Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-01-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
2.75 / 5.0

Well, Balayya is one movie short of century…his 99th movie Dictator has finally released, after raising the bars high. Let’s see how it turns out to be. 


Balayya leads a simple life working in a supermarket. He happens to meet Sonal Chauhan Sonal Singh Chauhan is an Indian model, actress, a >> Read More... Sonal Chauhan and is instrumental in making her flee from the clutches of goons. And I know, you heard it right! Now there is a test to the character of Balayya; he is arrested for stealing five lakhs from the supermarket. And by now your imagination wheel would be spinning right! Yes, Balayya has a flashback to tell …watch the movie to find out Balayya’s real purpose of life.

Star Performances

Balayya fits in the role that is much younger in his real age. And with what elan he does that! Well, most of the actresses of Tollywood nowadays are zeroed in mainly for the glamor quotient, and they do this well, along with the limited roles offered to them, in this case Sonal Chauhan. As for Anjali, there is no doubt that she is one of the talented actresses of Tollywood; she has done a great job. Rati Agnihotri Rati Agnihotri is an Indian movie actress who has >> Read More... Rati Agnihotri has delivered a neat performance. Suman Talwar does a convincing job while Vikramjeet Virk Vikramjeet was born on the 19th of July, 1984. He >> Read More... Vikramjeet Virk , Kabir Duhan Singh Kabir Duhan Singh is a famous Indian actor and a m >> Read More... Kabir Duhan Singh , and Sayaji Shinde He is one of the most famous Tollywood and Bollywo >> Read More... Sayaji Shinde do what is required of them.


The storyline is quite mundane, but it’s Balayya who carries the film on his shoulders. He has donned a new look, and that is quite appealing. Though the screenplay is cliched Balayya compensates for it with his pulsating performance. 

What’s there?

Ratnam’s dialogues spice up the image of Balayya. 
S Thaman’s music is full of vigor and caters to the youth. 
Chinna’s BGMi gels well with the tempo of the movie. 
Syam K Naidu’s cinematography is a special highlight of the movie. 
The fights are perfect fodder for Balayya’s image. 

What’s not there?

Oops…..the story is very much on predictable lines. In fact, there is not a bit of novelty in it. 
The second half could have been better. 
Certain scenes are illogical. 
The characters could have been etched properly. 
Editor Gautham Raju could have cut some portions. 


It is pitiable that certain films just bank on the routine commercial elements and the star power. Well, Dictator could have surely worked well if there is some profound imagination sprinkled in it.