After doing many patriotic films in past it is not new that director G N R Kumaravelan is back once again with a movie that shares the same concept Wagah is th

Wagah Movie Review

Wagah Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Movie story for the film "Wagah"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 12-08-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
2 / 5.0



After doing many patriotic films in past it is not new that director G.N.R Kumaravelan is back once again with a movie that shares the same concept, Wagah is the latest addition to his all patriotic movies which he had done so far.

Plot: As the story goes, Vasu ( Vikram Prabhu) is an enthusiastic and carefree guy, who was also a part of BSF (Border Security Force). He gets posted at the India -Pakistan border. The reason for him to join the army was to escape the repeated demands of his father to be a part of the family business. However, when there were not any wars or riots broken out, the life on the border can be pretty slow and irksome. But it changed when he comes across a girl from the nearby village whose name was Kaarun (Ranya Rao).

As he instantly took a liking for her, but he could not pursue her as the sudden turn of events makes fights to break off on Indo- Pak border and Vashu gets caught by some of the Pakistani soldiers. He was secretly taken to the torture camps maintain illegally by the Pakistani force. The rest story is about how he escapes from the camp and what happens between him and the girl he loves.

Analysis: Although, the director had tried to deliver a good story line to the picture, but it wasn’t compelling enough. The picture would have caused a powerful impact if it was made 20 years ago rather than making it in modern times. The script was not quite apt and the dialogues delivered were terrible scarring the story line more, overall it doesn’t look like patriotic at all instead it looked like patriotism is forced within the storyline of the picture.

Star performances:

The star performer of the motion picture is Vikram Prabhu because he perfectly fit in his role as a BSF, as a soldier, as a lover. The Scenes that were written on him makes the picture worth watching.

What’s there? 

 • The most important is the character of Vikram, Vasu seems quite fit as a BSF soldier, and he does his character justice.

 • The music was the movie quite pleasing; it adds a boost of freshness to the storyline.

 • The cinematography is done beautiful and the results yielded are next to perfect.

What’s not there? 

• First of the thing is the script of the movie, which is not gotten well with the modern times.

• Second, the dialogues delivered were terrible.

• The action sequence is painfully long.

• And the movie wasn’t looked like it conveyed any patriotism.

Verdict:  It can be considered as a good watch if you are not in the mind of seeing an Indo-Pak conflict movie, rather than it can be said more of a romance flick which does not show any heroism or involves something to do with the country. It is more of a cross-country love story.