Uriyadi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Uriyadi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 06 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 27-05-2016
3.25 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Sameer Bharat Ram
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Music Director:
  • Masala Coffee
  • Anthony Dasan
  • Editor:
  • Abhinav Sunder Nayak
  • Gopi Krishna
  • Director:
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Co-Producer:
  • Nalan Kumarasamy
  • Satheesh Swaminathan
  • Sameer Bharath Ram
  • Director of Photography:
  • Dialogue Writer:
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Production Manager:
  • A Sadiq
  • Background Music:
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Distributor:
  • Ashok Manor Entertainment
  • Visual Effects Supervisor:
  • Satish Ramesh
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Story Writer:
  • Vijay Kumar
  • _Supporting Actors:
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Henna Bella
  • Mime Gopi
  • Siva Perumal
  • Music Label:
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Playback Singer:
  • Varun Sunil
  • Sooraj Santhosh
  • Masala Coffee
  • Anthony Dasan
  • Public Relations Officer:
  • Nikhil Murugan
  • Audiographer:
  • R Krishnamurthy

The movie Uriyadi is about innocent youngsters getting mired up in a problem and the movie expands such that it reveals how the problem becomes a big issue.  There is a daring highlight of caste discrimination, and the movie shows how some people use it towards personal gain. 


The movie’s hero Vijay Kumar and his friends study in a college in Trichy. They reside in the college hostel, and they spend their leisure time in the wine shops. One fateful day, there is a clash between Vijay Kumar’s friends and an opponent gang. The rival gang takes the issue seriously and kills one of Vijay Kumar’s friends. Mime Gopi is a politician who wants to use the issue for political gain. He causes clash among the students in the college. There is a riot, and how it ends is the rest of the movie.

Star Performances: 

All the actors in the movie are a fresh team.  Vijay Kumar is someone who catches the attention of the audiences.  Besides having a role in the movie, he has directed the movie under his banner. Also, he has done background music for the movie.  Every other artist seems matured enough in performance.  One finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact that they are just debutants.


The movie is engrossing from the opening scene till the climax.  The movie’s screenplay is wonderful in the way the narration happens.  The movie offers several nail-biting sequences.  There is a deliberate effort by the director to make the scenes unfold in an interesting manner. One has to keep his fingers crossed to know what happens next.  

What is there?

  • The music is by Antony Dasan, and Masala Gopi and numbers are average.
  • Vijay Kumar’s background music is also average
  • Paul; Livingston's cinematography is appreciable.
  • Costume designig and art direction is par excellence. 

What is not there?

  • The entire movie is blood-soaked.  The violence might not be suitable for weak-hearted.
  • There is only a trace of romance in the movie which could have been lengthened.;  
  • The comedy aspect is lacking in the movie.  


The movie is a commendable job by the youngsters.  Hats off for the efforts!