Kappela is directed by Muhammad Mustafa. The movie has the star cast of Sreenath Bhasi, Roshan Mathew, Anna Ben, Sudhi Koppa, Tanvir Ram, Nisha Sarangh, Nasee

Kappela Movie Review

Kappela Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Kappela"
Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 06-03-2020
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Kappela Click to look into! >> Read More... Kappela ” is directed by Muhammad Mustafa. The movie has the star cast of Sreenath Bhasi Sreenath Bhasi is a heart throb of many girls. He >> Read More... Sreenath Bhasi , Roshan Mathew Roshan Mathew is a young Indian actor who made his >> Read More... Roshan Mathew , Anna Ben Anna Ben Nayarambalam, popularly known as Anna Ben >> Read More... Anna Ben , Sudhi Koppa Sudhi Koppa was born in Kerala, India. He is an ac >> Read More... Sudhi Koppa , Tanvir Ram, Nisha Sarangh, Naseer Sankranthy, Suresh Baabu and Salim Bappu. The movie is produced by Vishnu Venu.

Star Performance

Jessi, who couldn't pass her 12th standard, stays at home to help her mom, who is doing some stitching works. To inform about the stitching material to a customer, her mom asks Jessi to dial a customer’s number. But Jessi makes a wrong call and Vishnu, who works as an auto-rickshaw driver, picks the call. From that time, their friendship starts and later, it gets converted to love. Benny, a wealthy person comes with a marriage proposal and Jessi’s family decides to get her married to Benny. Following this, Jessi goes to Kozhikode to speak about this with Vishnu. But, an unexpected meeting with a stranger Roy, collapses everything. What happened to Jessi and Vishnu? Did Roy spoil their lives? Watch the movie to know the rest.

Star Performance

Sreenath Bhasi is super impressive with his role, Roy. His character is perfectly designed and the actor fits well in the short-tempered and mysterious guy role. He surprises the audience with his excellent performance and his expressions steal the hearts. He had introduced some new mannerisms and that pull the audience. Anna Ben is good with her role and similarly, Roshan Mathew has done justice to the given character. All the three leading stars have a good chemistry.


The script is impressive and it comes with a neat message too. The role played by mobile phones in our lives is spoken in the movie. The characters are designed in an impressive way, especially Sreenath Bhasi’s character. He has done a different role from that of his previous characters. Kudos to the casting team who picked him two play, Roy. The movie has thrilling sequences and the screenplay is very much engaging. The cinematography by Jimishi Khalid is a visual treat. Sushin Shyam has brought an excellent BGM that gels well with the script. In fact, the cinematography and music play the two pillars of the movie.

What's There?

  • The script is exciting and the screenplay is engaging
  • The execution receives appreciation
  • The stars did a commendable job and their chemistry is astounding

What's Not There?

  • Very few flaws are there in the movie which need not be cared for


Kappela is the movie that speaks about the contemporary issues faced by young women and the mobile phone plays the central part of the script. It is a good movie with an excellent performance by the stars that will make you feel that it is worth watching!