Thanga Meengal is a beautiful movie written and directed by Ram. In fact, he also played the lead role herself so as to show all fillings and emotions running i

Thanga Meengal Movie Review

Thanga Meengal Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thanga Meengal"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 30-08-2013
Genre: Drama, Family
4 / 5.0



Thanga Meengal Click to look into! >> Read More... Thanga Meengal is a beautiful movie written and directed by Ram. In fact, he also played the lead role herself so as to show all fillings and emotions running in his mind. It shows all emotions of a father and daughter’s relation. Starring Sadhna and Shelly in the lead role along with Ram this film got all positive reviews from critic and audience as well. It shows how hard and different condition a father suffers, to give her daughter, a good and peaceful life. All thought he doesn’t want to get separated from his daughter but due to some circumstances, he was forced to leave his daughter.

Plot: This story is written by Ram. It starts with the location a village and then a poor laborer Kalyani (Ram) who lives with his father, mother, wife and an eight years old daughter Chellama (Sadhana). Kalyani’s father is very rich, but he is a dropout from school. He is jobless and dependent on his father for everything. His life revolves around his daughter Chellama. Her only problem is her school teacher, as she is way behind the other students and often gets ignored by them. She always finds her best company with her father and forgets all miseries.

Kalyani doesn’t want to get separated from his daughter but somehow to make a good future for her, he goes to another place to earn some money living his daughter behind. It is how they faced problems in life during this journey.

Analysis: Ram announced his next project as he finished his first movie, all though he was not sure about other members of cast and crew. The story was written by him along with his daughter. Film was based on a village background which is wonderfully framed by cinematographer Arbhindu Saaraa Arbhindu Saaraa, an Indian cinematographer, has mo >> Read More... Arbhindu Saaraa . A village atmosphere with small hills, and charming weather, for which all credit goes to him. Not coming to the acting, the director Ram auditioned around 150 girls for the role of the small girl as his daughter in this film and finally, he selected Sadhana.

By her innocence, she was successful l in winning every heart. Ram itself was outstanding as a father. Coming to music and soundtrack which is given by Yuvan Shankar Raj and lyrics was penned by Na. Muthukumar. A song which was sung by two small girls defines purely about today’s education system, school, and teacher; Ram denoted this song as ‘anthem for school children.’ All songs were a big hit and commented positively by the audience.

Star performances: This movie makes it difficult to say who worked more nicely, actor Ram or director Ram. He made every moment of this movie totally speechless. As a role of father he was so emotional for his daughter and as a director, he made every scene remarkable. Now, coming to baby Sadhna, a sweet little girl who steals everyone’s heart through her outstanding effort. Television actresses Shelly was selected for the role of her mother. She also performed well and got positive reviews. All were perfect in their respective character and got good reviews. This movie was first Tamil movie to be screened in Indian Film Festival.

What’s there?

1. A father and a daughter’s lovely relationship which is enough to make you emotional.

2. Beautiful views of the village with small hills, grasses, and mesmerizing weather.

3. Cinematography by Arbhindu who captured all tears and smiles so nicely.

What’s not there?

1. Not much stuff for romantic movie lovers.

2. No action, this is a simple movie which shows the life of villagers.

Verdict: This is a brilliant story showing a father and daughter’s sweet and caring relationship which is worth watching.