Sangu Chakkaram is the fantasy horror comedy entertainer especially for kids ldquo Maarison rdquo scripted and directed the film Dhilip Subbarayan plays th

Sangu chakkaram Movie Review

Sangu chakkaram Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Sangu chakkaram"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-12-2017
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
2.75 / 5.0



Sangu Chakkaram is the fantasy horror comedy entertainer, especially for kids. “ Maarison” scripted and directed the film. Dhilip Subbarayan plays the lead role along with the kids, who are all new to the film industry. Punnagai Poo Gheetha, N.Raja, Pradeep, Jeremy Roske, Nishesh, Monicka, Abinethra, Swaksha, Krithik, Adarsh, Bala, Aditya, Tejo and Ajeesh are also in the star cast. Prashanth Rangasamy, the popular YouTube reviewer, plays a cameo role. K.Sathish and V.S.Rajkumar produced the film. Ravi Kannan cranked the camera and Vijay Velkutty edited the film. The music composition is by “ Shabir.”


A set of kids find an abandoned house and they started using it as their playhouse. They were not aware of the plan by Aagayam to kidnap them. The kids were trapped inside the house and a guy enters in to kill a kid in the group for Rs. 500 crores. None of them knows that the house is haunted by two ghosts; a mother and a daughter. When the kidnappers plan to get out of the place, the ghosts didn’t let them go. However, the kids were saved by a magical power. But, did they escape from the ghosts? Who is the kidnapper? Why did her plan to kidnap them? Watch the interesting film in the theater.  

Star Performance

All the kids have played well. Punnagai Poo Gheetha plays the ghost and her role reflects the changing mentality of the people. Dhilip has done a decent job.


The director Maarison have worked a lot to bring the kids together. The film might increase the inner strength of the kids. It might destroy their fear and help them grow courage. If the director had concentrated a bit on the story, then the film might have got a huge appreciation.

What’s There?

  • Second half is good with interesting twists and turns
  • The music and the cinematography are the pillars of the film
  • The performance by the kids

What’s Not There?

  • First half is a bit slow
  • The scenes are predictable
  • The script should have been better


The film comes with a few loopholes. As it is a kids’ story, we need not see much logic but enjoy the film with the family. In the recent days, we could hardly find a decent family entertainer. In that case, Sangu Chakkaram is a complete family entertainer.