The movie Kodi is the much anticipated Diwali release and is locking horns with Kaashmora nbsp Dhanush is playing dual roles in this film and Trisha and Anupa

Kodi aka Kodee Movie Review

Kodi  Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Movie story for the film "Kodi"
Runtime: 2 hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 28-10-2016
Genre: Drama, Thriller
3.75 / 5.0

The movie Kodi is the much anticipated Diwali release and is locking horns with Kaashmora.  Dhanush is playing dual roles in this film and Trisha and Anupama Parameswaran are sharing screenspace with him, The movie is directed by R S Durai Senthil Kumar and is released in Telugu as Dharma Yogi. Now let’s see what the film Kodi is all about.


Karunas, who is deaf and dumb, aspires to make it big in politics. But owing to his different ability he is not able to do so. Hence he wants to make his son to achieve his vision. Karunas is blessed with twins. He decides to make one son enter into politics. However, Karanas dies in unfortunate circumstances; he dies in a agitation for closing a poison gas factory.

When the elder son Dhanush grows up he joins the party in which Karunas was associated while the younger one becomes a lecturer.

From his younger days itself politician Dhanush has an eye for Trisha, who is associated with the opposite party. Though they belong to different parties romance blossoms between the both. And lecturer Dhanush falls for Anupama Parameswaran who has an interesting character to play in the film. How does the character of Anupama bring a twist to the film? What is the real nature of Trisha in this film? What are the other twists and turns? How does Dhanush essay his character? Watch the movie to know.

Star Performances

Dhanush has delivered different style of acting for the two characters. He has also taken care of his body language. He gives a convincing performance in both the roles. He shines in both action and romance and shows his individuality in every frame. Trisha has a powerful role in this film (you have to watch the movie to know) and she leaves a lasting impression with her performance. S A Chandrasekaran, gives the typical look of a politician and is equally competent as the lead stars. Anupama Parameswaran looks cute and delivers a fine performance. Karunas, though appears in brief role, does an outstanding job. Saranya Ponvannan Saranya Ponvannan is one of the best actresses in >> Read More... once again steals our hearts as the mother.


R S Durai Senthilkumar, who has directed films like Kaaki Sattai Click to look into! >> Read More... and Ethir Neechal Click to look into! >> Read More... has directed this film. He has changed his formula of filmmaking in this film. Moreover, his star cast selection is very convincing. The director, though has taken a subject as politics, has worked on the concept astutely.

What’s there?

What’s not there?

Editing of Kodi could have been better. 


Kodi will be a Diwali treat to the fans.