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Kirkkan is a Malayalam crime, thriller, and drama film released in 2023. Josh Bal is the film s director, and Mathew Mampra is the producer. Manikandan Ayyappa

Kirkkan Movie Review

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Written by Madhura Ghosh Dastidar
Review for the film " Kirkkan"
Runtime: 2 hours
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-07-2023
Genre: Crime
3 / 5.0

Kirkkan is a Malayalam crime, thriller, and drama film released in 2023. Josh Bal is the film’s director, and Mathew Mampra is the producer. Manikandan Ayyappa Manikandan Ayyappa is a Malayalam Singer, Music Pr >> Read More... Manikandan Ayyappa composed the music, and Rohit V.S. edited the film. Ajith Nair is the co-producer. The cinematography is by Gowtham Lenin.

Johny Antony Born to C. J. Antony and Liduwa Antony in Changana >> Read More... Johny Antony , Salim Kumar Salim Kumar is a person who deserves the title of >> Read More... Salim Kumar , and Anarkali Marikar Anarkali Marikar was born on February 8, 1997. She >> Read More... Anarkali Marikar are the lead cast. Sarath Kumar Actor Sarath Kumar made a headline in Kollywood by >> Read More... Sarath Kumar , Kani Kusruti Kani Kusruti is an Indian model and actress born o >> Read More... Kani Kusruti , Maqbool Salmaan Maqbool Salmaan is an actor from the Malayalam fil >> Read More... Maqbool Salmaan , Abhija Sivakala Born in the small town of Idukki in Kerala, Abhija >> Read More... Abhija Sivakala , Meera Vasudevan Meera Vasudevan was associated with modeling befor >> Read More... Meera Vasudevan , and Vijayaraghavan play supporting roles.


The film is about the death of a young girl. Rachel, a 23-year-old girl from a middle-class family, is found hanging in a hilly town. A suicide note is found, and this death is considered a suicide. But later, it is discovered through the post-mortem report that it is a murder.

The police team, headed by Johny Antony, is given the charge of this case. On investigating, the police find that Rachel is a bright student at a prestigious college. She participated in social activities and had high popularity among other students. Her boyfriend, her teacher, and some gangsters are suspected to be involved in this murder. The police start investigating further. They face various challenges, such as political interference and pressure from the media.

Who killed Rachel? What is the mystery behind this murder? Will Johny Antony and his team be successful in solving this murder mystery?

Star Performance

Johny Antony gave a strong performance. He looks terrific on the screen. Among all the other cast, his performance is the best. From an angry and determined police officer to being a kind and compassionate human being, he perfectly shows his versatility in acting. He alone is the strength of this film.

Anarkali Marikar, who played the role of Rachel, gave a fantastic performance. She looks very innocent on the screen. Salim Kumar perfectly executed his part. His dialogue delivery deserves a lot of appreciation. He gave a realistic performance. Vijayaraghavan, who played the role of Johny’s senior officer, shines in his character. He gave a decent performance.


The film has an engaging and suspenseful story. It keeps the viewers engaged from starting. The police investigations and the difficulties faced by them in solving the case are very realistic for the viewers. Besides showing crime and violence, the film has certain emotional scenes and messages for society. The cast of this film gave an excellent performance. The background music further enriches the thrilling experience.

However, the film suffers from various weaknesses. The film has some old-fashioned dialogues. Secondly, there are some useless songs, and the storyline seems incomplete at some points. Moreover, the editing and the film’s pace could have been done more tightly.

What’s There?

• Crime and thriller elements.

• Suspenseful story with various twists.

• Outstanding performances by the cast.

• Emotional scenes.

• The film conveys a message to society.

• Murder-mystery.

• Good cinematography.

• The background music enhances the thrilling experience.

• The police investigation scenes are very realistic.

What’s Not There?

• Some unnecessary songs.

• Some of the film’s dialogues are old-fashioned.

• Incomplete storyline.

• Weak editing.

• Minor technical glitches.


Overall, Kirkkan is an interesting Malayalam film that takes the viewers on a thrilling and engaging journey. The performances by the cast, the film’s story, and the logical direction hold the film firmly. This film is worth watching.