James and Alice created much curiosity among the fans since it has Prithviraj as the lead nbsp Also the beautiful actress Vedhicka is featured in the movie

James And Alice Movie Review

James And Alice Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " James and Alice"
Runtime: 2 Hours 46 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-05-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
2.75 / 5.0



James and Alice created much curiosity among the fans since it has Prithviraj as the lead  Also, the beautiful actress Vedhicka is featured in the movie.  Let’s see how James and Alice has turned out to be. 


Prithviraj has done the role of James in the movie.  Vedhicka has done Alice in the movie. The couple marries against the wishes of their parents.  But, their marriage proceeds smoothly until a juncture. The couple has a child also. But, since James gives more priority to his job, the marriage between the couple heads for trouble.  Watch the movie to know whether the couple resolve their issues. 

Star Performances

Prithviraj has once again proved that he is a good actor. He draws the audiences to the theater for his performance in the movie.  He is romantic during the flashbacks and handles the character of a carefree guy in a deft manner.  At the same time, he handles the character of a committed family man in a way that captures the attention of the fans.  Vedhicka’s character has been chiseled well.  Her role is such that she doesn’t make any loud demands to her husband.  The character that she does knows that she has to sacrifice certain things for her husband. Overall, Vedhicka has portrayed her role well.  


The movie is directed by debutant director Sujith Vasudev. Although his inexperience shows out in certain places, the movie is decent enough for the Malayalam audience. The story has been weaved in such a manner that it proceeds in two different times. There is a flashback in the movie, which engages the audiences. The younger days of love between the couple is shown on one side, and troubled marriage on the other side. The movie could have been better if it had picked up a bit more pace.

What is There?

  • The camera sweeps gently across the greeneries and provide a unique, mind-blowing experience.
  • The performances by the actors are commendable.
  • The second half and the climax is crisp and entertain the audiences till the movie’s end.  
  • A few numbers keep the audiences humming the tunes.
  • There are a few good twists here and there.

What is Not There?

  • The pace is slow, and one can easily make out the ending.
  • The comedy element is lacking in the movie.  


For a debutant venture, the director has done a laudable job.