Tiger Galli is the action drama scripted by KV Raju and directed by Ravi Srivatsa. Yogesh Kumar produced the film and Chinna scored the background music. Sridha

Tiger Galli Movie Review

Tiger Galli Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Tiger Galli"
Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 27-10-2017
Genre: Action, Romance
2 / 5.0

Tiger Galli is the action drama scripted by KV Raju and directed by Ravi Srivatsa Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ravi Srivatsa . Yogesh Kumar Yogesh Kumar is an actor predominantly working in >> Read More... Yogesh Kumar produced the film and Chinna scored the background music. Sridhar Sambram composes the songs. Mathiev Rajan is the cinematographer and Sujith Nayak Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sujith Nayak edited the film. Thriller Manju Thriller Manju is a person who has left no stone u >> Read More... Thriller Manju is the action choreographer. Tiger Galli features Sathish Ninasam Born with the name of Shivakumar on June 20 in Yel >> Read More... Sathish Ninasam , Bhavana Rao Bhavana Rao is a beautiful Indian film actress who >> Read More... Bhavana Rao , Roshini Prakash Roshini Prakash is an Indian actress. She was born >> Read More... Roshini Prakash , Aiyappa Sharma, Yamuna Srinidhi Yamuna Srinidhi is an Indian Television actress an >> Read More... Yamuna Srinidhi , Sai Krishna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sai Krishna , “ Giriraj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Giriraj ,” Deepu Krishna and “ Shivamani Shivamani is a director and producer of Kannada mo >> Read More... Shivamani .”


Vishnu is a modern youth, who had been spending his free time with his friends. Vishnu is very much affectionate towards his mother. Mafia gang atrocities are common in the place where Vishnu lives. However, he didn’t care about it. But, there came a moment when he should look into them. When the mafia gang disturbs the dairy business of Vishnu’s mother, Vishnu couldn’t just keep quiet and does what is required. However, the villains are stronger than the hero, isn't it! What happened to Vishnu and his mom? Did Vishnu destroy the mafia? Watch it in theaters!

Star Performance

Sathish has given a commendable performance. Although Yamuna’s performance seems to be good, she over performs at times. Aiyappa, Giriraj and Shivamani had played their part well. Bhavana and Roshini didn’t give any exciting performances.


Underworld films and Ravi Srivatsa are inseparable. Although Sathish has got a good role, the plot is flimsy. Ravi should have concentrated more on the plot. Although he has executed well, the film doesn’t have any exciting scenes. The heroines were given the right role, but the execution is not commendable. The loud dialogues irritate the audiences rather than pleasing them.

What’s There?

  • Performance of Sathish Ninasam is good
  • Cinematography is okayish

What’s Not There?

  • Climax is very lengthy
  • Poor VFX effects
  • Dubbing is weak and the heroines effort had gone in vain


The story seems to be an outdated one. With the poor dubbing and loud dialogues, people might not get impressed with the film. However, if you are a fan of Ninasam Sathish, you could watch it once, for his neat performance.