ACT: 1978 is directed by Mansore. The film has the star cast of Yagna Shetty, Pramod Shetty, Shruti, Sudha Belawadi, Avinash, Sanchari Vijay, Ravi Bhat, He

Act 1978 Movie Review

Act 1978 Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
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Review for the film " Act 1978"
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Runtime: 02 Hours 07 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-11-2020
3.5 / 5.0



ACT: 1978 is directed by Mansore. The film has the star cast of , Pramod Shetty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Pramod Shetty , “ Shruti Shruti was born in Hassan as Girija, who is an act >> Read More... Shruti ,” , “ Avinash Avinash is a Kannada actor, who has starred in Sou >> Read More... Avinash ,” Sanchari Vijay Vijay Kumar B alias Sanchari Vijay is a Kannada Th >> Read More... Sanchari Vijay , Ravi Bhat A pleasant and memorable film requires a good came >> Read More... Ravi Bhat , Hebbale Krishna, Achyuth Kumar Achyuth Kumar was born in Bangalore. He has acted >> Read More... Achyuth Kumar , RJ Nethra RJ Nethra is a radio jockey and entertainer from I >> Read More... RJ Nethra , Samragni Rajan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Samragni Rajan , “ B Suresha Bessu Suresha is a Kanada movie producer and the d >> Read More... B Suresha ,” Ravi Shivamogga, “HG Dattatreya,” Ashwin Hasan and “ Shobaraj Shobaraj is a popular Kannada actor who is famous >> Read More... Shobaraj .” PR Devaraj produced the film.


Geetha is a pregnant lady who lost her husband recently. She had been walking up and down to a government office to get her money from a scheme. Due to the corruption, it is getting delayed and Geetha had to face an unusual situation. What happened to Geetha? Did she expose the corrupted people? Is the justice served? Watch the film to know about this.

Star Performance

Yagna Shetty plays the lead role and she did her part perfectly. Pramod plays a cop and he fits well in the role and so does Suresha. The rest of the cast had also served well.


Mansore, the director of the film, lived up to the expectation. As the people expect more from him like his previous movies, he had to put additional care into the script, screenplay as well as narrating style. He excelled in all his departments and impressed the audience. Similarly, the star cast is one of the biggest advantages in the film. All the stars are perfectly picked. There should be some guts to pick up some law-related subject and the director has enough of it. The background music and camera work are also perfect and didn’t disturb the ears and eyes.

What’s There?

Good script and neat narration

Perfect star cast and excellent performances

Production and technical values are good

What’s Not There?

Small errors can be omitted


With the perfect narration and performance, it is a good movie to watch!