Shahid ndash Kareena back on screen So what if their real life is not in sync with their reel life This is - a rom-com injected with lovey-dovey dialogues

Milenge Milenge Movie Review

Milenge Milenge Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Milenge Milenge"
Runtime: 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 09-07-2010
Genre: Romance
2 / 5.0

Shahid – Kareena back on screen! So what if their real life is not in sync with their reel life? This is - a rom-com injected with lovey-dovey dialogues, garnished with cupid ‘s predictable tricks, shot at exotic locations with few romantic scores, turns out to be nostalgia for Bebo-Shasha fans.


Taking more than half a decade to hit the screens, this Indianised Bollywood version of classic Serendipity takes you 5-6 years back giving you a taste of your bitter choices back then! Main lead Priya’s (Kareena), the only goal in life, is to find her MR. RIGHT - a teetotaller, non-smoker and who never lies.

She meets Immy (Shahid) at a youth festival in Bangkok. Immy reads through Priya’s diary and portrays himself as her MR RIGHT. While going back, Priya finds a copy of her diary with Immy. She at once understands he has been fooling her around and decided to confront him. However, she leaves it on fate whether they are meant for each other or not. The rest of the reel simply unspools plot of Serendipity in ‘s style.


Director Satish Kaushik has tried to keep the romance simple not executing it as too cheesy and glossy. The college humor, cool gangmania, couture seems as old as of the Victorian age. However, the twist just before the interval raises your curiosity bar and keeps you hooked to the later half of the movie only to disappoint you in the end.

Apart from a handful of charming and engaging moments, movie appears melodramatic in the second half. The background score is average , zoning out of your mind pretty soon the movie ends.


Well, you might catch a glimpse of sizzling chemistry between Kareena-Shahid but to except the bubbly romance of Jab We Met is big letdown. Shahid looks boyish and overboard in the first half of the movie. He makes up for the same, later, exhibiting intense, passionate awry lover.

On the other hand, Kareena is unbearable with her blonde highlights and too loud fashion statements. Especially after her embracing size zero, plumpy chubby bubbly Bebo is a big NO for the audience.


Shahid’s acting. His growth as an actor is commendable. Bangkok. Yes! Amidst all love and melodrama, you get to see stunning beaches and city. The subdued portrayal of expression by Kareena might be you impress you at times.


For a generation of Facebook and Insta hook ups, Satish ‘s story of slow and dull love story seems difficult to strike a cord. It’s an outdated plot, and you get nostalgic all through the movie.


Well, if you are a die hard Bebo-Sasha fan or still have your hopes held high of their coming back together, Milenge Milenge Click to look into! >> Read More... ought to be on your plate then!