The movie is about a sensitive father-son relationship.  Arvind Swamy has done the role of a father in the movie.  There are certain things this society looks

Dear Dad Movie Review

Dear Dad Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Dear Dad"
Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-05-2016
Genre: Drama, Family
3 / 5.0

The movie is about a sensitive father-son relationship. Arvind Swamy Arvind Swamy is one of the finest actors from Indi >> Read More... Arvind Swamy has done the role of a father in the movie. There are certain things this society looks upon with a sneer, and even the Indian cinema has not dared to take up the subject, which is of course – Homosexuality. A revelation, which comes as a bolt from the blue, and out of which a son is thunderstruck is the main highlight of the movie. This could draw a considerable amount of audiences to the theater. Whether or not the movie would continue drawing audiences, one has to read the reviews to know.


Himanshu Sharma Himanshu Sharma had started his career by writing >> Read More... Himanshu Sharma does a teenager who has the self-consciousness that every adolescent develops. He is aware of the hair sprouting on his face, and his voice turning masculine. His relationship with his parents is smooth, and he loves them with all his heart. One fine day, he sets out on a road trip back to his boarding school with his father Arvind Swamy driving the car. That is the time when Arvind Swamy comes out with the truth that he is a gay. Arvind Swamy is very much aware that his revelation could wreak havoc in the relationship with his son. Whether or not the gap between the father and son is bridged forms the important portion of the movie.

Star Performances:

Arvind Swamy has done the role of the father in the movie. He is noted for his performance in the movies as Roja and Bombay. His presence in this movie in an elderly character is something worth of a watch. He pulls off his character with utter conviction. Himanshu Sharma is the son in the movie. He has breathed life into his character and the moments that he shares with his father appear very real, and nothing here is put up.


Homosexuality is a touch-me-not subject that many directors have hesitated to ponder on. But, as seen in the plot of the movie, the director has come out with moving emotions between father and son beyond the father being a gay.  The moments that the father shares with his son look very worldly and real.  The cinematography is wonderful as one sees the lush landscape on the screen while father and son take a trip via road to a hill station.  There is enough anxiety provoked among the audience to know how this duo set right the father-son relationship.

What is there?

  • A major asset to the movie is Arvind Swamy.
  • The concept that has been taken is laudable.
  • The cinematography in the movie is something worthwhile.  

What is not there?

  • With all the plus points in the movie, the drab screenplay is uninteresting.
  • The revelation about Arvind Swamy’s identity comes much earlier than expected.
  • The conversations in the movie are bland and fail to create the desired impact.


The movie has taken up a sensitive subject, but could have dealt with it in a better way.  The movie is worth viewing for the performances in it.