You will be in for a surprise if you think this movie is going to be monotonous with slapstick comedy The name of this movie might sound peculiar as it is an

Dasvidaniya Movie Review

Dasvidaniya Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dasvidaniya"
Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 07-11-2008
4 / 5.0

You will be in for a surprise if you think this movie is going to be monotonous with slapstick comedy. The name of this movie, might sound peculiar, as it is an innuendo on the enlisting of 10 things made by Amar Kaul ( Vinay Pathak), to be done when he realizes he is about to die.


Amar Kaul, played by Vinay Pathak, is an accounts manager at a company called Suraj Pharmaceuticals in Mumbai. He is single, 37 years old, and lives a bog-standard life with his mother, played by Sarita Joshi. His life is barely noticed by the oblivious people around him. He is obsessed with making to-do lists everyday, and that’s what keeps him going through every morning. His life takes a U-turn when he is diagnosed with cancer and his doctor apprises him that he has only 3 months left in his lifespan. He then sets out on a journey to fulfill 10 things on his bucket list, that he always wanted to do. He quits his job, plucking up audacity to settle a score with his loathsome boss. Sounds like a movie filled with mawkishness? You’d be pleasantly surprised with the storyline taking its twists in the most congenial ways possible, and the impeccable comedy delivered by Vinay Pathak,. There are plenty of interesting characters to provide comic relief too. What were the 10 wishes he hoped would satisfy his soul before his demise? Does Vinay make it through to fulfill all his 10 wishes? Watch the movie to know.


Shashant Shah’s execution of the script is incredible, but the writer, Arshad Sayed's script could have been a tad bit compact. The music and soundtracks are utilitarian, albeit ‘Mumma’ is soothing to ears. The movie has many admirable moments, but few portions in the movie lag in captivating the audience. It is a pleasant story that will guide you through the simple plot, which is treated with a lot of sensitivity. This is one of the movies that will leave you with a rare combination- -smile on your face and tears in your eyes.

Star Performances:

Delivering a matchless performance, Vinay Pathak plays the role of a kind-hearted soul who longs for love, friendship and some nuance in his life; and he does it oh-so-perfectly! His flamboyant presence on the screen is enough to lighten your day's worries. Characters played by Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Sarita Joshi are an effective foil to Vinay’s exuberant persona. Ranvir Shorey is impressive in his cameo as an inveterate tippler who bumps into Vinay at a bar. Neha Dhupia delivers an excellent and crisp performance along with Gaurav Gera.

What’s there?

1.  The movie portrays the emotions of an average man really well. You have a good rapport with the person and the pain he goes through.

2. The pace of the film does mitigate in the second half, but some brilliant acting and poignant dialogues make up for its frailty.

3. The script is pristine and brusque.

What’s not there?

1. The second part of the movie turns pale, due to its slow pacing and loosely coupled screenplay.

2.  Although the message sent out was brilliant, it could have been well-thought and a little more imaginative.

3.  The film has an erratic momentum and not all chapters are as captivating. That dilutes the impact to a degree!


A heart-warming and pleasant performance encompassed in a positive storyline. It can be categorized as a good watch.