Although the relevance of it 39 s name ndash ldquo Bajatey Raho rdquo is not properly brought out in the film it aims to be a comedy film of sorts about a

Bajatey Raho- Much trumpeting about trivialities! Movie Review

Bajatey Raho-  Much trumpeting about trivialities!  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Bajatey Raho"
Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 26-07-2013
Genre: Comedy
2.3 / 5.0

Although the relevance of it's name – “ Bajatey Raho” is not properly brought out in the film, it aims to be a comedy film of sorts about a crooked con man who was cheated in turn by the group which had suffered at his hands. Of late, this genre has become quite common, replacing the violent reprisals with those with more cunning and also tinged with doses of comic humour.

Plot: A cunning and unscrupulous business person named Mohanlal Sabbarwahl (Ravi Kissen) robs crores from common people through subterfuge, and implicates an honest bank officer, Mr Baweja for the crime, along with his assistant Zaira. The hapless Baweja succumbs to the shock of his arrest while his assistant lands in jail. However, after recovering from the initial shock of the events, the victims recoup under Mrs. Baweja ( Dolly Ahluwalia), who galvanises the family and close acquaintances, comprising Sukhi (Tusshar Kapoor), Zaira's husband Mintoo ( Vinay Pathak) and Ballu ( Ranvir Shorey). Their task is to recover and return the fifteen crores to the investors to restore the good name of Baweja and also to get Zaira released from jail.

They decide to con the conman himself, and their very first scheme is to carry out a sting operation on one of the schools run by Sabbarwahl and extract three crores from the action, before embarking on Sabbarwahl's milk factory as food inspectors, to catch his two brothers-in-law red handed while producing artificial milk. However, all their missions do not meet with success, creating some misunderstandings within their own group. In their final mission they land up at Sabbarwahl's daughter’s wedding, and through a series of clever master tricks manage to return all the money back to the investors through gift packs being handed over by Sabbarwahl himself, without his knowledge! Sabbarwahl confesses to his crime and is jailed.

Review: With all its trumpeting about its comedy flavour, “Bajatey Raho” falls flat as a comedy film and looks more like a crime caper. Director Sashant Shah seems confused about the track the film should take and thus the film meanders through patches of supposed comedy, suspense, drama, satire and much bandying about. The film contains actors of the calibre of Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey as well as the award-winning Dolly Ahluwalia of “ Vicky Donor” fame. Unfortunately, none of them can offset the shortcomings in the concept and the screenplay and the overall aimlessness of the genre.

Verdict: There may be many who may be drawn into watching the movie looking at its catchy title, but may get disillusioned ultimately, finding the fare to be different.