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Badmashiyaan Movie Review

Badmashiyaan Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Badmashiyaan "
Runtime: 2 Hours 12 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 06-03-2015
Genre: Romance, Comedy
1.5 / 5.0

 A swindle lady with three boys madly in love with her- that's what Badmaashiyan has for you..

Nariii( Suzanna Mukherjee) is a hot and fashionable girl whose lone purpose is to make money and for this she bluffs every man she finds suitable. 

With a bluff game as the scrim, Badmashiyaan as a film cannot interest the audience. Although there are some funny moments, they fall off as the movie proceeds. The movie is subdivided into three parts basically showing how Nariii plays and bluffs three different men. At the apex, all the three stories interconnect. As the story keeps on sidetracking from one to another, there are many unnecessary sub stories that just add to the already created confusion. The tagline of the film-'Fun Never Ends' is odd because you cannot really find fun anywhere.


Dev (Sidhant Gupta) falls for the appealing Nariii and takes a loan from the counting house to buy her a big house. Her erratic behavior upturns Dev 's life. Meantime, Dev gets cornered in a bank loot and encounters a girl Palak( gunjanMalhotra) who helps him out of the situation.
Pinkesh happens to be the other wretch of Nariii 's game, and as he strives to please her, he gets caught up by a criminal jazzy ( Sharib Hashmi). Jazzy, who is finding his fiancé Nariii who has bluffed him, meets up Pinkesh and Dev. Will Nariii be able to get off these three men or gets caught? This is what is left in the story.

What's there?

The dialogues of the film are at least laughable. It manages to tickle your funny bone.

What's not there?

1.The script is illogical and grubby which makes the film lifeless.
2. The songs of the movie are not worth listening.
3.The costume designer has not done an effective job.

Star performances 

The whole movie revolves around Suzanna's character but sadly she could not make up for it. Dev is playing a romantic role and does a fairly impressive job. Moreover, an experienced artist Karan Mehra disappoints by his acting, but his humor saved the movie. Sharibhashmi's role as jazzy is feeble and not so attractive. Gunjan Malhotra is fairly decent.


Overall, Badmashiyaan is a crummy lifeless movie, which can be happily skipped.