Action Jackson is an action-comedy film, that brings together, for the first time, the association of Prabhu Deva and Ajay Devgan. PLOT: Jai (Ajay Devgan),

Action Jackson Movie Review

Action Jackson Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Action Jackson"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 05-12-2014
Genre: Action, Comedy
1 / 5.0

Action Jackson Click to look into! >> Read More... Action Jackson is an action-comedy film, that brings together, for the first time, the association of Prabhu Deva Prabhu Deva is one among the populous cinema perso >> Read More... Prabhu Deva and Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgn is an Indian film actor. He is perhaps >> Read More... Ajay Devgan .


Jai (Ajay Devgan), with an epithet of AJ, is the right-hand to the mafia Don, Xavier Fonseca (Anantharaj) in Bangkok. Xavier has a sister, Marina ( Manasvi Mamgai Manasvi Mamgai is a model and actress. She was bor >> Read More... Manasvi Mamgai ), who is saved from goons by Jai. From then on, Marina develops the hots for him, but he gives her a cold shoulder as he is already married to Anusha ( Yami Gautam Yami Gautam is a Hindi television and movie actres >> Read More... Yami Gautam ). Xavier tries to kill Anusha to get his sister married to Jai. In this course, she gets severely injured, and so Jai flies to India to get her treated. In India, he has a lookalike named Vishal, who is a street-smart mugger. A gang of goons mistake Jai for Vishal and beat him up. Jai gets to know about this and asks Vishal to impersonate himself as AJ, and go to Bangkok to handle Xavier. Vishal has a girlfriend Khushi ( Sonakshi Sinha Sonakshi Sinha is a well-known Indian Actress. She >> Read More... Sonakshi Sinha ) who works as an HR executive, and a sidekick Musa (Kunaal Roy Kapoor). How did Vishal and Jai deal with their villains? Watch the movie to find out.


This movie is just an extreme level of insanity. I mean, where’s the story? How did Prabhu Deva even think of making this movie? How did he rope in Ajay Devgan for that? It is nothing, but nonsense, with an overdose of sex appeal. The director just tries to show off the hero’s body and the ladies’ obsession with it. We get totally baked watching this half-baked plot and ridiculous characters. Groovy music is the only saving grace, but the background score has to be very loud because it is a Prabhu Deva film!


Yes, there is a star, but he doesn’t act like one in this movie. Why did beloved ‘ Singham Click to look into! >> Read More... Singham ’ have to do this movie, which is so pathetic? God knows! Ajay Devgan just doesn’t fit in this lame comedy. Yami Gautam barely does anything. Sonakshi Sinha has nothing better to do than go to the men’s changing rooms to find Ajay Devgan is his briefs. Kunaal Roy Kapoor is miserable as Musa. Anantharaj could have had a way better Bollywood debut if he didn’t choose this. Manasvi Mamgai oozes sex appeal and appears perfect for becoming Bollywood’s new vamp.

What’s there?

1. Pointless story.

2. Abhorrent characters.

What’s not there?

1. Decent characterization.

2. Neat comedy.


Don’t watch it unless you can bear a crooked film!