Plot The movie starts after a decade of the defeat of monstrous Kraken Perseus the son of Zeus lives with his 10 year old son Helius as a fisherman nbsp af

Wrath Of The Titans Movie Review

Wrath Of The Titans Movie Review English
Review for the film " Wrath of the Titans"
Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 30-03-2012
2.5 / 5.0

The movie starts after a decade of the defeat of monstrous Kraken. Perseus, the son of Zeus, lives with his 10 year old son Helius, as a fisherman after his wife died. Zeus pays a visit to Perseus asking for his help. Zeus is of the belief that the humans have stopped praying to god, which has resulted in them turning into mortal beings. They can no longer bear the weight of holding together the walls of Tartarus. The walls are crumbling, Titan Kronos, is set to be free. After a long battle all Perseus wants is peace and his family’s safety. He refuses his father’s offer. Rejected from his own son for help, a dejected father goes to his brothers. Hades and Poseidon with his son Ares, reject Zeus’s offer, betrays him and steals his thunderbolt. Hades and Ares, plan to face Kronos, in return for becoming immortal. Thus they successfully drain Zeus’s divine power to revive the monster. Perseus plans to travel to meet his father, when he finds Poseidon dying. Poseidon informs him of the situation and asks him to find Agenor, his demigod son, who knows the way to Hephaestus, the only man who can take them into Tartarus. Perseus, Andromeda and Agenor then set out in search of Hephaestus on an unknown island.
Through their journey, Agenor gives them the details of how Hephaestus created the three weapons, which only Poseidon, Zeus and Hades control: A thunderbolt which Zeus carried, Hade’s Pitchfork and Poseidon’s Trident. Together, these three make the Spear of Trium, and are enough to destroy Kronos. After a lot of hard work, the travelers finally meet Hephaestus, who sacrifices himself, in order for them to enter the labyrinth.
The travelers eventually enter Tartarus. On the other side, Zeus has been drained of his powers, against which Kronos has been revived. Apologetic Zeus, asks for forgiveness to Hades, to help him and stop the monster, whereas, Ares wants Kronos to be revived. In time, Perseus arrives and free his father. Perseus openly challenges Ares for a duel, to revive the thunderbolt. Meanwhile, Andrmeda’s army is spellbound by Mikhai, but Hades revive Zeus which makes Hades less powerful, and they defeat the creatures. Kronos attempts to attack Andromeda’s army. While Hades and Zeus hold on to Kronos, Perseus wins over Ares, and eventually kills him with the thunderbolt. Combining the thunderbolt for the Spear of Trium, Perseus destroys the monster, spearing into his heart. The family reunites, as Zeus reconciles with his son, but eventually dies. Hades makes Persues be known that he is powerless and leaves. Meanwhile, Helius wants his father to return to normalcy, but to his surprise now he can’t. The movie ends, with Perseus giving his sword to Helius, and he being made to appreciate the importance of being born as a grandson of Zeus.

Greek mythology would be little if was not for father-son conflict in abundance and this story is no different from others, where it portrays two mighty generations. Kronos, a sharply designed character, cuts a convincing portrayal. His challenge with Perseus is arguably at par with whatever Bruce Willis This guy was always summoned and well paid by prod >> Read More... faced in Armageddon. Most dialogues being shouted or bellowed, it’s no point speaking about the performance, other than the fact that Sam Worthington His full name is Samuel Henry John Worthington pop >> Read More... was more at home than he usually looks in mythological portrayals. A good visual effect in abundance and some beautiful imagination that enhances the project, this movie is a onetime watch.