Plot Gary his girlfriend Mary and Walter his brother take on a journey to find the formerly famous Muppets The Muppet Theater is at the target of a selfis

The Muppets Movie Review

The Muppets Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Muppets"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-11-2011
Genre: Musical, Comedy, Family
4 / 5.0




Gary, his girlfriend Mary and Walter his brother, take on a journey to find the formerly famous Muppets. The Muppet Theater is at the target of a selfish guy who wants to drill the place for oil, and his name is Tex Richman. The Muppets are to be convinced to put a show, probably their last to gather funds and save the theater by buying it back. The movie is a humorous and lively walk down the memory lane with the Muppets singing different numbers and making you smile all throughout the film.

The movie caters to the older generation as it will help them relive their childhood and make new fans through targeting the younger generations. Therefore, this movie is a beautiful experience, both for adults and for children. The movie is an amalgamation of different types of emotions, from nostalgia to awe to humor and satire. The movie only justifies our love for the Muppets. The director does a commendable job in keeping the essence of old time Muppets and not altering it with this new context. 

However, the director doesn’t have to work anyway too hard to put across the Muppets in the incredible form that they are in because no one can go wrong with the Muppets. Jason Segel pours his heart out while writing the script for the film. Not just the part about writing the script, Jason Segel acts in the film just right and is a perfect choice for a movie like this. Amy Adams seems like a pleasing appearance and plays her role with a lot of charm. The music sequences are vivid and will make you tap your feet.


This movie is overall, a lively treat for people belonging to all age groups and will help you keep your spirits high for a long time.