The Jungle Book has released after much hype and one would surely be curious to know how the movie has turned out to be Read more to know about it nbsp Plo

The Jungle Book Movie Review

The Jungle Book Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " The Jungle Book"
Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-04-2016
4.5 / 5.0

The Jungle Book has released after much hype, and one would surely be curious to know how the movie has turned out to be. Read more to know about it.


Neel Sethi (who plays the protagonist Mowgli) is brought up in the jungle by a horde of wolves. And here there is the tinge of humaneness…though Sethi is clearly a stranger to the atmosphere, he is embraced by the animal community. He is so absorbed in the world that he even imbibes the wolf horde’s pledge! But there should be a test for all the good times, right? So the mutilated tiger Shere Khan arrives.
Shere Khan’s eyes got affected during a fight with a human, and his prime desire is to take the life of Mowgli. However, this is not possible due to a peace agreement. Thus, our sweet Mowghli is blessed with the chance to escape from the place. Here then, Bagheera, who is a Black Panther, accepts to take Mowgli to the human’s place. And you know there will be a lot of adventures (Mowgli has to be saved from the dangerous Kaa and Gigantopithecus King Louie; but again he also befriend the lovely friend in Balooo – The Bear) in the journey that will keep you surely hooked to the seat! Well, watch the movie to understand the veracity of this statement.

Star Performances

Neel Sethi is just flawless as Mowghli. He gives the required energy to his character earnestly.

The voice over is unerring. Scarlett Johansson gives an enticing voice to Kaa. Ben Kingsley, who gives the voice for Bagheera, amazes us especially in scenes where he gives strict directives to Mowghli. The voiceover of Bill Murray as the Bear leave you wanting for more laughter. Idris Elba frightens you to the hilt as the Shere Khan. Lupita Nyong gives the motherly warmth for Raksha. Christopher Walken gives the apt voice for King Louie.


For those who have watched Disney’s spellbinding animated film of 1967, the story is not something new. There are also certain additions to this film besides the known characters.

The Jungle Book has definitely hit the screens at the right time; a passionate movie buff of today would surely love it. Jon Favreau retells the fantasy world of the Jungle Book, which we were fond of in our childhood, in a gripping manner. While the 1967 itself should be definitely watched by a kid, this 2016 movie only turns more engrossing than that. Moreover, the director has so meticulously worked on the movie that you just can’t get enough of the charm of the movie.

What’s there?

  • The movie is shot aesthetically, and the jungle is so enamoring that you get completely absorbed in it.
  • The cutting-edge CGI leaves you astonished. 
  • The movie gives you a profound look into the two different worlds of Mowgli; the jungle and the human world. 
  • All the animals in the movie have an inimitable charm in them. 
  • The screenplay of Justin Mark is almost perfect. 
  • Even the seemingly minute scenes are given attention.
  • The inclusion of the mesmerizing tunes from the first Disney movie is captivating.
  • Favreau has an astute understanding of what works for the kids, and he doesn’t indulge in too much melodrama. 
  • The frames are highly realistic. 
  • The song of Scarlett Johansson, Trust in Me, should not be missed (it is shown in the end credit). It is highly captivating.

What’s not there?

Since one gets so absorbed in the movie, one feels as though Kaa’s time in the movie could have been more. 


For anyone who loves good cinema Jungle Book is a must watch for all ages.