Top 10 Best Drama Shows In The World

Top 10 Best Drama Shows In The World English Article

1. ‘ The Heirs The Heirs is a South Korean television series dubb >> Read More... The Heirs ’ (2013)

It is South Korean drama. It is aired on SBS. American digital distribution platform co-produced The Heirs. In this serial Lee Min Ho aka Kim Tan plays a role of a warm hearted as well as honest person. Park Sun-hye aka Cha Eun-sang plays a role of a poor girl. Kim does not have a good relationship with his father or brother. His brother wants the sole control on the entire company. When Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang meet each other, he falls in love at first sight. Slowly, she begins to love him; they confess their love to each other. Many persons come in their life to split them up, but their love gets the victory in the end.


2. ‘Healers’ (2014)

It is a South Korean serial. This serial aired on KBS2. It is full of thriller, romance and comedy. In this serial, Chang-wook as Seo Jung-hoo plays a role of an illegal mercenary. And Park Min Young aka Chae Young-shin plays a role of a reporter. In this drama, Seo Jung-hoo works in Alias Healer. He wants to earn money to buy a deserted island in the South Pacific Ocean. Park Min Young wants to be a legendary reporter. His client gives him the responsibiliity to protect Chae Young-Shin Since some people want to kill her. But he falls in love with her. Many problems come, but they face them together. At the end, they live their life together. This drama got many awards. It got the 4th annual drama fever award.


3. ‘Boys Before Friend Flower’ (2009)


It is a South Asian Korean drama. It aired on KBS2. It is full of romance and comedy. Lee Min Ho plays a role of an arrogant boy. He is the leader of F4. He loves his friends (Yoon Ji-hoo, So Yi-jung and Song Woo-bin) while Ku Hye-sun aka Geum Jandi plays a role of a fun-loving girl. She gets a scholarship at Shinhwa High School. She hates Gu Junpyo's behaviour. Gradually, they love each other, but Ha Jae-kyung tries to split them, and fails. It got the 14th Asian television award.

4. ‘The Wire’ (2002-2008)


This is American investigative drama. It aired on HBO. Devid Simon created this serial. It is in the English language. This is based on crime investigation. This drama is between the Baltimore police department and drug dealing. It got nominations for the Program of the Year, Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Drama and Nomination for Outstanding New Program of the Year.

5. ‘Orange Days’ (2004)


This is a Japanese drama. The genre is full of romance. This is a love story of a deaf student and a sweet man. Seo is a deaf violin student. Kai has vital faith on her hard work. Seo is not happy with her life as being deaf makes her life quite miserable. When Kai comes in her life, she begins to feel happy again. It got the awards for Best Actor, Best Scriptwriter, Best Director, Best Cast, Best Theme Song, and Special Award (Orange Days’ Sign Language).


6. ‘Trick’ (2000)


It is a Japanese drama. It aired on TV Asahi. It is full of suspense, comedy, baffling mysteries, and great chemistry between the actors. It depicts the story of a professor Ueda and a wizard Yamada Naoko. He is talented but unemployed while the professor doesn't believe in magic. The magician fails to investigate the paranormal cases. In this drama, a lot of unbelievable magic has been shown. They work together to solve the paranormal cases. It has got many awards though.

7. ‘Hana Yori Dongo’ (2005)

It is a Japanese drama. It aired on TBS. The genre is romance and comedy. The story of this serial is same as Boys Before Friend Flower. Makino Tsukushi plays a role of a poor girl while Domyouji Tsukasa is an arrogant boy. He falls in love with Makino Tsukushi. Gradually, Makino Tsukushi starts to love him tpp. When her mother tells her about their financial standing, she realizes that she is poor and Domyouji Tsukasa is prosperous and rich. She begins to distance herself from him, but she fails. It got the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards.

8. ‘ Full House Full House is a comedy tv serial. It was very popu >> Read More... Full House ’ (2004)

It is a Korean drama. It aired on KBS2. Jin Eun is a writer while Young Jae is a famous actor. Jin Eun's best friends sell her house to Young Jae. When she comes after a vacation, she finds her house sold. She is upset because of this but Young Jae allows her to live in his residence. They live in full house. Slowly, they fall in love with each other. It got the Top Excellence Award, Excellence Award, Popularity Award, and Popularity Award.

9. ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ (2015-Present)

This is an Indian serial. It aired on Star Plus. Ishita is a South Indian girl while Raman is a Punjabi boy. Raman has a daughter and son from his first marriage. His daughter Ruhi starts to love Ishita as a mother. They marry each other to complete the need of a mother figure in Ruhi’s life. Ishita gives her motherly love and care. Gradually, Raman falls in love with Ishita and they live their life happily. It got the Star Pariwaar Award.

10. ‘ Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Season 2 Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Season two is the continua >> Read More... Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Season 2 ’ (2015)

It is an Indian serial. It aired on Zee TV. Gayatri Seth plays a role of a sweet girl while Rajveer plays a role of an arrogant person. They are best friends since their childhood. When they meet each other after 18 years, they confess their love and marry each other. It got the Zee Rishtey Award.