How unusually would you relish your days if you knew you were going to die This statement summarizes the 107-minute long movie Directed by R J Culter 39 If

If I Stay Movie Review

If I Stay Movie Review English
Review for the film " If I Stay"
Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 22-08-2014
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



How unusually would you relish your days if you knew you were going to die? This statement summarizes the 107-minute long movie. Directed by R.J Culter, 'If I stay' takes you through a journey of events that take place in the life of Mia ( Chloe Grace Moretz ) a 17-year-old cello wunderkind who aspires of making it to the Julliard. The movie is about a sudden turn of faith in her life that changes everything.


The director of this movie sure knows his target audience well and aims at the likes of teenagers at large. It seems like the plot of the movie is written keeping the adolescent heart and soul in mind. A person who is out of the teenage disposition might find the plot a bit too melodramatic. From the outside, Mia seems to have a perfect with a picture perfect boyfriend, Adam (Jamie Blackley) who is also associated with music. As you can imagine, all the romance and pick up lines have musical innuendos.

One unfortunate day, Mia and her family go through a car accident that eventually results in comatose for her entire family. While the rest of the family knocks the door of heaven one by one, our doctors say that Mia is fighting for her life, and she can only survive if she finds the will in her to do so. This leads us on to a witness Mia’s spirit eavesdropping amidst her family and friends trying to analyze every situation.

Yes, the plot of highly dramatic TV series does pass our mind. The movie is a series of flashbacks with no proper order, sometimes leaving the audience confused. The supporting cast played by Mia’s friends and family do a good job. It wouldn’t take Einstein to figure out the end of the movie.


If you need a break from those serious movies that require you to use your gray matter If I Stay light movie shot at picturesque locations which gives you a good break.