This movie is yet another superhero movie produced by Marvel based on the comics produced by them Plot Peter Quill Chris Pratt steals an orb and escapes

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review English
Review for the film " Guardians of the Galaxy"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 01-08-2014
4 / 5.0

This movie is yet another superhero movie produced by Marvel based on the comics produced by them.

Plot: Peter Quill ( Chris Pratt Chris Pratt is a renowned American actor, who beca >> Read More... ), steals an orb and escapes from the planet Morag. It is explained in detail on all the characters and hurdles he faces before reaching the orb into the right hands. In this journey, he also identifies himself to be a half human and his father had belonged to some ancient extinct species. James Gunn James Gunn is an actor, director, writer and produ >> Read More... was given the responsibility for one awesome flick that should not affect Marvel’s reputation negatively. The director has hit the top notch and has given his best in satisfying everyone. The character sketch of each and every roles are made in such a way that it is getting adored by the audience.

Quill is more heroic and funny as well. Gamora (Zoe Saldana’s) assassin’s character was perfectly acted by her. Ronan( Lee Pace Lee Pace is an actor who has given his contributio >> Read More... ), the villain, gives a striking performance though his scenes are less. The evil role played by Nebula (Karen Gillon), and Thanos ( Josh Brolin Aged 47, Josh James Brolin, took birth on February >> Read More... ) makes us expect for them more and more on screen. During the journey that we see in this movie, we travel to many planets and witness many characters. Towards the end, many characters join Quill to solve their problems since each of them is victims of some or the other incidents.

Ben Davis cinematography has got some soul in it. All those one-liners with a sinister and humor touch are capable of giving us a hearty laugh at the right intervals. The breezy narration and script of the film makes the family audience more entertained. It is totally easy to understand as the story dissolves quickly.

Verdict: A perfect light hearted Marvel flick that makes a great impact on viewers; Memories of the characters lingering in the mind till the end of the day.!