Popular Serial Stars' Salary Per Episode…

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Popular Serial Stars' Salary Per Episode…

Like the Silver Screen Silver Screen was a Malayalam show that was aired >> Read More... Silver Screen stars, the TV Stars have also started earning a huge amount. As the serials are rolling on for several years, the serial artists have worked all the year through and they get double mangoes in a single shot; popularity and money. Here is the list of the serial stars, whose remuneration is listed per day/episode:

Srithika Srithika is a budding Tamil television artiste, wh >> Read More... Srithika ”- Rs. 13000 To 20000

“T. S. B. K. Moulee” - Rs. 10000 To 22000   

Vadivukkarasi Vadivukkarasi is a Tamil actress who predominantly >> Read More... Vadivukkarasi ” - Rs. 8000 To 21000

Krishna Krishna is a Tamil television serial and film acto >> Read More... Krishna ” - Rs 30000

Vani Bhojan Vani Bhojan is a Tamil television serial actress a >> Read More... Vani Bhojan - Rs. 30000

Rekha Krishnappa Rekha Krishnappa is one among the popular villainy >> Read More... Rekha Krishnappa - Rs. 30000

Prakash Rajan Prakash Rajan is a popular actor who is at present >> Read More... Prakash Rajan - Rs. 25000

Venniraadai Nirmala - Rs. 25000

Aravind Kathare - Rs. 20000

Suhasini (Vino in “ Deivamagal "Deivamagal" was a serial produced by the famous V >> Read More... Deivamagal ”)- Rs. 25000

Sindhu Shyam Sindhu Shyam is the wife of Shyam Ganesh, an actor >> Read More... Sindhu Shyam - Rs. 15000