Top 10 Unknown Facts About Jnr.NTR

Top 10 Unknown Facts About Jnr.NTR Telugu Article


N T Rama Rao Jr is not only a good actor but also a talented Kuchipudi dancer; it’s not often that a talented actor masters a classical dance form. He is also considered one amongst the famous and talented Tollywood dancers. And he practices and devours it till date.

2. Lucky Number:

According to the sources Jnr.NTR’s lucky number is 9 and he observes it as he doesn’t want to be unlucky.The love for his lucky number can be seen on his cars’ number plate. All of his car number plates mostly start and end with a 9 or contains consecutive 9’s.

3. Watch Collection:

Jnr.NTR always had a crush towards watches, and he loves collecting different types, and limited edition watches and his collection involves some of the exquisite brands like Rolex and much more. His love for the watch also depicts his punctuality towards his life. You can always spot him wearing a watch; it’s a rare view that he cheats on his watches.

4. Audio Launch:

Jnr.NTR’s movie, Andhrawala was the first movie in the Tollywood industry which had a massive audio launch; the crowd went gaga for this audio launch. Here is one of the glimpses of the audio launch.

5. Kind Nature:

It’s not always a happy ending during the audio launch of the films.During the launch of the movie, Baadshah, one of his fans died due to the rush.Philanthropic Jnr. NTR visited his fans house and helped them, and he also visited a brain cancer patient who was his fan, though she didn’t survive cancer. But he always had a soft and caring heart towards people.

6. Awards:

Jr.NTR was awarded the Yuvakalavahini award, AP cinemagoer’s Association awards and Bharathamuni arts academy award at the age of 10 but this doesn’t end here he acted as Lord Rama in Gunasekhar’s movie, Balaramayanam. That’s something that can be said young and charming.

7. March 29:

 Jnr.NTR and his connection with 29 March are quite strange; on the 29th March, he met with an accident while returning from the election campaign to celebrate his wife’s birthday. The day was a great start of happiness but had a quite tragic ending, but there were no serious injuries, and he recovered quite fast from it.

8. Food Lover:

Jnr.NTR is a food lover and loves to try something new everywhere he goes, not only he is a foodie but he also loves to cook food and feed his family. Biryani is his favourite dish, which is specially made by his mother. But even in the wide variety of biryani, he loves prawn biryani.

9. Good Father:

He is not only a talented actor, dancer, and cook but also an amazing father, he loves his son Abhay Ram and loves to spend time with him talking to him and going out with him.

10. Favourite Things:

Last but not the least let’s check out things which he loves the most.His favorite sports are badminton and cricket, favourite movie is ‘Dana Veera Sura Karna,’ and he prefers watermelon juice over other drinks.