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Top 10 Tollywood Movies Shot In Vizag

Top 10 Tollywood Movies Shot In Vizag Hindi Article

Visakhapatnam, also popularly called Vizag, is the Jewel of the East Coast. The city, which is famous for its Pristine beaches, attracted tourists and bought the filmmakers to see and show this beauty through cinema. The town of Destiny has been the backdrop for many movies with different genres. The city has been a significant asset for filmmakers, from Romantic love stories like Ninnu Kori to Mass Commercials like Waltair Veerayya. From songs to movies, the beauty of the city is well portrayed. Various languages movies were shot here. So, Today, look at some of the best Tollywood movies shot in this Coastal Paradise.

1. Ninnu Kori

Ninnu Kori is a 2017 rom com directed by Shiva Nirvana. The movie's plot revolves around Pallavi, who invites Uma, her ex-boyfriend, to stay at her home with her husband to convince him she is happy. Uma tries to create a rift between them to get Pallavi back. The central part of the movie was shot in Visakhapatnam, where the entire back story of Uma and Pallavi takes place. Ninnu Kori is one of the best love stories Tollywood has ever seen.

2. Waltair Veerayya

The name in itself tells where the movie got shot. Waltair Veerayya is shot in the Waltair region of Visakhapatnam. This movie was the recent outing of Megastar Chiranjeevi. The film also has Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja in a crucial role. The movie shows the brotherly sentiment where one brother is a Police Officer and another a criminal. The film was a massive blockbuster collecting 236 crores all over the world.

3. Majili

Another love story in the sores of Visakhapatnam is the 2019 outing Majili. Shiva Nirvana, the director of Ninnu Kori, also directs this movie. It was the story of Poorna, an aspiring cricketer who fell into depression after he got abandoned by his girlfriend, Anshu. Despite this, he got forced to marry his neighbor, Sravani, who has feelings for him. The movie was very successful at the box office.

4. C/o Kancharapalem

As the name suggests, C/o Kancharapalem got shot in the Knacharapalem region of Visakhapatnam. This National Award-winning film explores the lives of everyday people and their dreams, aspirations, and struggles. The film follows four love stories, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. It is a film that proves that sometimes the most ordinary lives can lead to the most extraordinary stories.

5. Oye

The famous lyrics of "Nijangane Tagilenu Taara Vizag Nagarapu Chivarana" in the title song of Oye which has been like the brand song for all the Vizagites. This 2009 love story revolves around Uday, a businessman who falls in love with a simple girl named Sandhya. Uday learns that Sandhya has some illness and has only a few days to live. He encourages her to seize every day and live to her fullest.

6. Kshanam

Kshanam is a gripping thriller shot on the shores of Visakhapatnam. The film follows the story of Rishi, who returns to Visakhapatnam from the USA to help his ex-girlfriend, who is searching for her missing daughter. As they dig deeper into the case, they discover shocking truths about the girl's life and the people around her, ultimately leading to a thrilling and unexpected climax.

7. Rarandoi Veduka Chudham

Rarondoi Veduka Chudham is another love story shot in the City of Destiny. Kalyan Krishna directed this 2017 movie and was a phenomenal success at the box office. The movie's plot revolves around a young woman Bramarambha, who dreams of marrying a prince and falls in love with an ordinary guy from the city. Later she founds out the rift between their families, which has threatened their marriage.

8. Nenu Sailaja

The City of Destiny, famous for its love stories, has given rise to another love story - Nenu Sailaja. Kishore Tirumala directed this 2016 movie. The entire 1st half of the movie got shot in Vizag. The film revolves around Hari, who looks for true love everywhere, founds in the form of Shailu, and soon he realizes that she is his childhood crush.

9. HIT: The Second Case

The recent outing, HIT: The Second Case, has its roots in Visakhapatnam. The movie has Adivi Sesh in the lead role and was directed by Sailesh Kolanu. This movie is the story of Krishna Dev, a police officer investigating a murder mystery. He found himself in danger as the danger increases as the case progresses each level. With a 15-crore budget, the movie has become a massive blockbuster at the box office, collecting 42 crores worldwide.

10. Balupu

A mass commercial and a rom com are a combination of Balupu. The 2013 film has the lead roles of Ravi Teja, Sruthi Hassan, and Anjali. The movie's story begins when Ravi, a collection agent, finds out about two people – a niece and her uncle, who are cheating everyone for fun and craze. He decides to find and tell them a lesson but falls in love with the already-engaged girl. Later the girl is trapped and learns about the past of Ravi and his conflicts.



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