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Top 10 Malayalam Movie Series Malayalam Article

1. Devasuram And Ravanaprabhu

Both ‘Devasuram’ and ‘Ravanaprabhu’ are cult classic movies in Malayalam. Both helped superstar ‘Mohanlal’ to his career heights and were considered to be his best films. Devasuram was the first one to be released back in 1993, and then in 2001 its sequel Ravanaprabhu was released.

2. CBI Series

Supposedly, the most famous series in Malayalam film industry. Just like Devasuram raised Mohanlal’s popularity, the CBI series helped ‘Mammootty’ to rise as a superstar in Malayalam film industry. There were four films in this series. Starting the series with ‘Jagratha’, then “Oru CBI Diary Kurippu”. The next two films in the series came a lot later in 2004 and then in 2005.

3. Nadodikkattu And Pattanapravesham

Mohanlal and ‘Sreenivasan’ were a hit Jodi after the release of these film series. The first movie in the series ‘Nadodikkattu’ was a big hit and an evergreen hit. Two more films followed joining the hit duo in “Akkare Akkare Akkare” and in ‘Pattanapravesham’.

4. Kireedam And Chenkol

The film character Sethumadhavan in the film ‘Kireedam’ will always be remembered among many Malayalam movie fans. Mohanlal lived the character in the movie and the next film in the series, ‘Chenkol’ was also a hit.

5. Keerthi Chakra And Kurukshetra

Major Ravi along with Mohanlal started a series of films based on soldiers. Mohanlal later got the Lieutenant Colonel as an honor. “Keerthi Chakra” was the first one, which was a big hit. Then they made ‘Kurukshetra’ and then ‘Kandahar’.

6. Harihar Nagar Series

There were many series of comedy films in Malayalam, but none of them are quite famous and successful as the Harihar series. It all started with “In Harihar Nagar” which was released back in 1990. Then after a long time back in 2009, the suspense comedy film “2 Harihar Nagar” was released. Later on, one more film, “In Ghost House Inn” was released, but wasn’t a commercial success.

7. Mannar Mathai Series

Just like Harihar Nagar series, this one is also a comedy series. “Ramji Rao Speaking” was the first one in the series, followed by “Mannar Mathai Speaking”. The last one in the sequence, “Mannar Mathai Speaking 2” was a disaster which was released in 2016.

8. Commissioner Series

Suresh Gopi is an action star in Malayalam film industry now. All thanks to the Commissioner series. ‘Commissioner’ which was released in 1994 was the one in the sequence. It was followed by “The King” in 1995. At the latest “The King and The Commissioner” was released in 2012, but was a flop.

9. 4 The People Series

“4 The People”, “By The People” and “Of The People” were a series of films talking about taking the law by a group of youngsters. It was a trendsetter in Malayalam movie industry and as well as in general. Many hit songs from the first movie in the series are still famous. But the pulse the first movie gave was not carried out by the other two movies in the series.

10. Kilukkam And Kilukilukkam

‘Kilukkam’ is a hit film. Mohanlal acted in the main character role. But the second film was a flop. It was released in 2006. The second film was no way near the first movie.


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