Trending Gossips In Bollywood Industry

Trending Gossips In Bollywood Industry Hindi Article

1. Pankaj Kapoor Speaks About His “Daughter” 

Pankaj Kapoor, not like any other normal father-in-law, seems quite happy about his daughter-in-law, Mira Kapoor’s big Bollywood debut. His son, Shahid Kapoor is quite elated about his father’s statement when Pankaj said that he treats Mira as his own daughter and is comfortable with the same. He also says that, ‘ It’s her life and she can do whatever she wants to, I do not hold anything against her interest towards acting.’ Wow, that’s quite a good statement, and we are to expect a movie from Mira Kapoor.

2. ‘A Just Miss’ Moment For Ajay Devgn 

Ajay Devgn is a passionate action hero, as everybody knows. During the shooting of his next movie, ‘ Shivaay’ in the streets of Bulgaria, he had to sit on the bonnet of a car. This was during a high-speed chase involving several cars, and a sudden entry of a car startled everybody. It was a much unexpected entry by the car which was never supposed to be on the spot. Had it not been noticed quickly, then there were a lot of chances of the crew finding Ajay with a lot of injuries. Only since they pulled him as soon as the entry of the car happened, they could save him without any damage.  

3. Ki And Ka, Open Up

Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor open up about their individual opinions when they were being interviewed. They gave their answers in a spontaneous manner. Arjun also mentioned that he envies women for their ability to achieve anything in life with effortless struggles.

4. Daniel’s Defence Towards Sunny 

A very recent rumour that Sunny Leone slapped a reporter, created a mental havoc for her husband, Daniel Weber. It is claimed that, while Sunny was travelling to Surat for a Holi celebration, she had to face an interview by a reporter from Gujarat. She slapped him when he asked her ‘How much would you pay for a night?’, or something of this sort, as the rumour spreads. While all this happens, Daniel says that nothing of that sort ever happened, nor did Sunny slap anyone. He also stated that, ‘Sunny is the last person to slap anyone. She doesn’t even raise her voice against anyone.’  

5. Deepika And Ranbir, Behave Like Best Friends 

The secret meetings between Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are set for relief because, it is now clear that they aren’t going to patch up. It is always going to be Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. It is now stated that the secret meetings were only for the discussions about their next movie together. Ranveer seems really cool about these two hanging out together because he has faith in DP and proves that their love goes stronger and stronger as each day passes.