For someone as young as Apoorva Arora – she would be barely 19 in 2015 - she must have notched up some amazing feats, which very few have been able to do in the film industry so far. For one, in the very brief span of her career of 5 years between 2011 and 2015, she has already acted in films in 4 different languages as diverse as Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, along with Hindi. But statistical achievements alone do not sum up her feats. Her remarkable career is symptomatic of the hard work, driven obviously by ambition and aspirations, that teenagers of the current generation are capable of.

Apoorva had achieved in that role of Jenny in her very first film “ Bubble Gum Click to look into! >> Read More... ” much beyond her 15 years at that time. This was no inconsequential fun film as the name might suggest, since it dealt with the growing up pangs during the transformation period of adolescence to adulthood. Very deservedly it was rated as one of the 5 best films of 2011. Her very next film “OMG: Oh My God!” was also with a different type of content and basically a satire on religious hypocrisy. Her role as the bubbly daughter of Paresh Rawal The Padma Shri award winner who shot to fame with >> Read More... drew a lot of attention for her performance in the film.

There was nothing special in her diversion to the Punjabi comedy “Disco Singh”, except that it was a big hit at the box office. Her two subsequent Hindi films “ Dekh Tamasha Dekh Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, again a satire on religious bigotry; and “Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty”, an action movie that established her into mainstream Bollywood cinema. In the meanwhile she had already acted in two Kannada films, the latest one being “Kani” (combination of Kannada and Hindi), in which she plays a North Indian girl and her dialogues are all in Hindi. Besides mainstream cinema she has also branched out on a TV assignment for the Discovery Kids’ documentary television series, named Mystery Hunters India.

Anuradha Patel Hindi Actress

Anuradha Patel

Those of us familiar with the film and TV scene in India in the 80s would remember Anuradha Patel as the actress with an endearingly pretty face and a restrained demeanour overall. The other aspect about her which immediately comes to mind is her lineage. Although born in a Gujarati family, she had a Bengali mother who was none other than the daughter of the redoubtable Ashok Kumar, making Anuradha the granddaughter of the evergreen hero of Hindi cinema, and thereby a part of the extended family of the famous Ganguly brothers, Ashok and Kishore Kumar. Having started her film career in 1983 with the film "Love in Goa" which really did not impress the box office, she had to wait for another 2 years for her next film “Utsav” to really hit the headlines. This film propelled her to a new status in the eyes of the audience, not only for its “artiness” and the critical success it gained, but also because she was perceived on par in her acting skills with the other key actors of the film like Rekha, Sashi Kapoor and Sekhar Suman. Unfortunately, however, Anuradha had to “wade through” a bumpy stretch of 8 to 9 inconsequential movies in the next 2 years to reach her next landmark, which was in the film “Ijaazat”, under the direction of Gulzaar. Besides widespread acclaim for her sensitive portrayal in the film, she also got nominated for the Filmfare Awards that year. Although the award finally did not come her way, she had made her mark as a sensitive artist. After this her career did not, however, proceed in any spectacular manner perhaps because she was more preoccupied with her family, having in the meanwhile got married to fellow TV actor Kanwaljit Singh. She however, kept appearing on TV and doing the odd role in movies. In the latter part of her career she started acting in films like “Dus Kahaniyaan” and “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” in which she was portraying slightly older roles. To keep herself occupied she has also started her own unit Dynamic Finishing academy for Personality Development, which as the name suggests is a good grooming centre not only for industry hopefuls but also for other professionals.