Top 10 Hindi Webs Shows Available On YouTube

Top 10 Hindi Webs Shows Available On YouTube Hindi Article

The New Generation wants something different, so in making them happy, the dream industry is now making content on various topics. Now, people want something new than the Cinema, as they want to live in the story as much as their mind satisfy. The youngsters welcome web series that are available on social media platforms like YouTube. 

1 – Kota Factory Kota Factory is The Viral Fever original comedy-dr >> Read More... Kota Factory


This web series is about Indian Education System; it is about a boy named Vaibhav, who came to Kota for IIT preparation, but he has to face severe competition. He faces difficulties in living in the hostel and promoting towards the better classes. The series stars actors like “ Jitendra Kumar Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor. He was born on >> Read More... Jitendra Kumar ,” “ Ranjan Raj Ranjan Raj is an Indian Film Actor. He works in th >> Read More... Ranjan Raj ,” “,” “ Ahsaas Channa Ahsaas Channa is an Indian Actress, Model, Anchor >> Read More... Ahsaas Channa ,” and Mayure More. The series is available on “TVF Play” app and on “TVF – YouTube Channel.”

2 – Adulting


This web show is about two independent girls who live in major cities for a modern life-style; the series shows how they face problem in day to day life and also in a love relationship, how this factor affect their friendship and the bond between them. The show cast actress “ Aisha Ahmed Aisha Ahmed is the daughter of actress Rukhsar Reh >> Read More... Aisha Ahmed ” and “ Yashaswini Dayama Yashaswini R Dayama is an Indian actress, model, p >> Read More... Yashaswini Dayama ” in the lead roles; the show is available on “MX Player” and “YouTube.”

3 – Little Things


The series is about a cute couple who live in Mumbai; as long as the series goes on, their relationship progresses, and they learn different lessons from their past mistakes, they also come close to each other after every mistake they made, so in that way, their relationship between them gets even solid. The show stars “ Mithila Palkar The world of Internet has always been a place of w >> Read More... Mithila Palkar ” and “ Dhruv Sehgal Dhruv Sehgal, a hero, a versatile writer, an open- >> Read More... Dhruv Sehgal ” in lead roles; the first season of this web-show is available on “YouTube,” but the rest two seasons are available on “Netflix.”

4 – Cubicles

The show starts with a boy who got a job in a “Technical Line,” and he accepted it that he is good at it and can’t do anything else than this job; the problem arises when he got a difficult task from his boss on the day of his arrival. The show stars “ Nidhi Bisht Nidhi Bisht is a writer, director, and actress, wh >> Read More... Nidhi Bisht ,” “ Abhishek Chauhan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Abhishek Chauhan ,” and “ Badri Chavan Badri Chavan is an Indian actor. He is famous for >> Read More... Badri Chavan ” in lead roles; the show is available on “TVF Play,” and “TVF youTube channel.”

5 – The Aam Aadmi Family

It is a comedy-drama web series about a middle-class family having a gossip-loving grandmother, a hardworking father, a sanskaari mother, and two grown-up children, who deal with their day to day life. The show cast “ Gunjan Malhotra Gunjan Malhotra is a motion picture actress from t >> Read More... Gunjan Malhotra ,” “ Brijendra Kala Born in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, Brijendra Kala is >> Read More... Brijendra Kala ,” and “” in the lead roles; the show is available on “MX Player” and “YouTube channel of The Timeliners.”

6 – Man’s World

This series is about reverse reality and gender equality, where a boy believes that women get more advantages than men in the field of expertise he is in. So, one day, he prays that the world flips for him, and in the next day, he found out that his prayer is accepted. All the men started to do the women's job and vice versa. Later on it leads him to some trouble and reality checks. The shows stars “ Gaurav Pandey Gaurav Pandey is an agile actor. He was born on 5t >> Read More... Gaurav Pandey ,” “Richa Chadha,” “ Kalki Koechlin Kalki Koechlin is a famous film actress, model and >> Read More... Kalki Koechlin ,” and “Parineeti Chopra.” The show is available on “Y-Films YouTube Channel.”

7 – Flames

The first season of this series shows how two students from a different branch of education fall in love with each other in a coaching center. The series indirectly connects the theoriy of chemistry into the real-life chemistry between a couple. The shows stars “Ritvik Sahore” and “ Tanya Maniktala If you like watching web series, then you probably >> Read More... Tanya Maniktala ” in lead roles; the first season of this web series is available on “The Timeliners Youtube Channel” and the second season is on “MX Player.”

8 – What’s Your Status?

This series shows the lifestyle of three different stages of people - Single, Committed, and Married; the whole series follows the way of life compared to that of their partners. The show casts “ Naveen Polishetty Naveen Polishetty, who is best known for his writi >> Read More... Naveen Polishetty ,” “ Kumar Varun Kumar Varun Is An Actor And Writer. He Is Known Ma >> Read More... Kumar Varun ,” and “ Manjot Singh Manjot Singh was born to a Sikh family, in Delhi o >> Read More... Manjot Singh ” in the lead roles; the series is available on the “JIO Cinema” or on “YouTube Channel of Ultra Shorts.”

9 – Inmates

This web series was inspired by the “FRIENDS” show; here it shows a bunch of friends living in an apartment, and their life is a bigger mess than their apartment room and full of regrets of the actions they have done in personal and professional lives. The series stars “ Ashish Verma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ashish Verma ,” “ Mukti Mohan Mukti Mohan is an Indian model and a contemporary >> Read More... Mukti Mohan ” and “Raj Kakkar” in the lead roles; the show is available on “MX Player” and “TVF-Play & Their YouTube Channel.”

10 – Bachelors

This series revolved around a group of Bachelors living together and wanted to get popular; they face many problems in their day to day life and the web series shows how a bachelor deals with a problem. The series stars “,” “Jitendra Kumar,” and “ Gopal Datt Gopal Datt is an Indian actor; he works in Hindi F >> Read More... Gopal Datt ” in lead roles; the shows are available on TVF-Play and its YouTube Channel.